Initial Professional Development

Initial Professional Development

Professional development may be separated into two distinct phases, Continuing Professional Development and Initial Professional Development.


Initial Professional Development (IPD) is defined by the UK Initial Professional Development Forum [The UK Initial Professional Development (IPD) Forum] as "a period of development during which an individual acquires a level of competence necessary in order to operate as an autonomous professional". Professional bodies may recognise the successful completion of IPD by the award of chartered or similar status.

The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications defines IPD [The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications] as "a pattern of learning undertaken by a graduate mathematician to develop the range of skills and competencies needed to achieve professional status".

The Institution of Structural Engineers [The Institution of Structural Engineers] states that "Initial Professional Development (IPD) comprises the acquisition and development of the specialist knowledge and skills, and their practical application, that are needed to practise as a structural engineer. It bridges the gap between your educational base and attaining professional qualifications. The Institution defines IPD in terms of Core Objectives, which are defined to minimum standards".

The Institute of Mechanical Engineers states that Initial Professional Development builds upon academic skills and leads to registration as a Chartered Engineer or Incorporated Engineer. IPD must be challenging and based upon the level of educational achievement reached. It can be undertaken prior to, during or after the completion of a course of study.

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