Musashigawa stable

Musashigawa stable

Musashigawa stable is a stable of sumo wrestlers, one of the Dewanoumi group of stables. It was set up in 1981 by former "yokozuna" Mienoumi, who branched off from Dewanoumi stable.Cite book |author=Sharnoff, Lorna |title=Grand Sumo|publisher=Weatherhill |year=1993 |id=ISBN 0-8348-0283-x] By the early 2000s it had become the strongest stable in sumo, with a "yokozuna", three" ozeki" and several other top division wrestlers. As of November 2007, it had 25 sumo wrestlers.

Musashigawa Akihide- oyakata

*Mienoumi (given name Goro Ishiyama)

Active wrestlers with makuuchi experience

*Miyabiyama (former "ozeki")
*Dejima (former "ozeki")
*Kakizoe (former "komusubi")


*Musashimaru (the 67th Yokozuna Musashimaru)
*Fujishima (former "ozeki" Musoyama)
*Yamawake (former "komusubi" Wakanoyama)
*Onaruto (former "maegashira" Buyuzan)


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