Nokia 1011

Nokia 1011
Nokia 1011
Nokia 1011.jpg
Mobile Nokia 1011 (1993)
Manufacturer Nokia
Carriers GSM
Compatible networks GSM 900
Introductory price 2500DM
Availability by country no
Predecessor no (first GSM nokia)
Successor Nokia 2110
Related Cityman 2000
Dimensions 195 x 60 x 45mm (standard battery, antenna inside)
Weight 495g
Operating system embbeded
Memory 99 entry Phonebook
Storage no
Removable storage no
Battery Ni-CD 7,2V 900mAh
Data inputs Numeric Keypad
Display Mono
External display no
Rear camera no
Front camera no
Ringtones & notifications two types
Connectivity no
Development status Extremely rare

The Nokia 1011 was the first mass-produced GSM phone. It was sold also as Mobira Cityman 2000. The typenumber refers to the launch date, 10 November 1992. [1]

The black handset measured 195 x 60 x 45mm and featured a monochrome display and an extendable antenna. The memory could hold 99 phone numbers. It did not yet employ Nokia's characteristic ringtone: that was only introduced in 1994. The phone operated in the 900 MHz band. It cost about 2500 DM[2]

The phone was able to receive and send SMS messages, even if nokia says that 2110 was first SMS enabled GSM phone..

The Nokia 1011 continued production until 1994, when it introduced the Nokia 2110 model as successor.