Nawa Pind Shonkia Da

Nawa Pind Shonkia Da
Nawa Pind Shonkia Da
—  village  —
Country India
State Punjab
District(s) Jalandhar
Time zone IST (UTC+05:30)

Nawa Pind Shonkia Da (In English - Modern village of stylish people) also known as Nawa Pind and Nawa Pind Arayian Da is a village in Nakodar. Nakodar is a tehsil in the city Jalandhar of Indian state of Punjab. It was previously known as Nawa Pind Arayian Da because of its large Muslim population; even today that name is often used in official files.

A way marker marking the limits of the village

How Nawa Pind Got its Name

It is believed that in the early period of nineteenth century when umbrellas were not very common in India, people of Nawa Pind used to use umbrellas in hot sun and that's why people started calling them stylish.

The Temple of Baba Bhole Peer
A view of a Nawa Pind alley
Sarkari Elementary School (Sarkari is "Government" in Punjabi)

About Nawa Pind

Nawa Pind is famous for the temple of Baba Bhole Peer (Bhole Peer da mela 13 Haad i.e. Gathering of people on 13 Haad which lies somewhere in the mid of May of Christian calendar).

It is connected by railways through the railway station Sidhwan. It is also connected to addhi Khuyi which lies in the mid of Nakodar & Nurmahal. Nawa Pind is almost 425 kilometers from New Delhi and approximately 120 kilometers from Amritsar. It lies between the city Nakodar and Nurmahal. People in this village are mostly Sikhs and Hindus. It is said that before the partition of India it was a Muslims village, but after the creation of Pakistan Muslims moved to Pakistan. The neighbouring village of Nawa Pind are Sidhwan, Bir Pind, Jagir sanghiya, Littran.


mehmi house on sidhwan road
sidhwan road,, mehmi nagar 1997
near janjh ghar
eh hai nawe pind da nazara

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