IMS may refer to:

Organizations and institutes

* IMS Global, a non-profit standards organization concerned with establishing interoperability for learning systems and learning content
* Indian Medical Service, a military medical service in British India
* Insight Meditation Society, a Buddhist organization located in Barre, Massachusetts
* Institute of Mathematical Statistics, an international professional and scholarly society
* International Magicians Society, the world's largest professional association for magicians
* Irish Marching Society, a group of individuals in the city of Rockford, Illinois who wanted to come together to celebrate the Irish Heritage
* Irish Mathematical Society, the main professional organization for mathematicians in Ireland


* Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, one of the three institutes of Banaras Hindu University in Varanasi, India
* Iowa Mennonite School, a private Christian high school near Kalona, Iowa

Businesses and companies

* IMS Associates, Inc., an early computer manufacturer
* IMS Bildbyrå, a Swedish stock photograph agency acquired by Nordicphotos
* IMS Health, an international consulting and data services company that supplies the pharmaceutical industry
* Integrated Micro Solutions, a manufacturer of graphics processing units

cience, medicine and technology

* Industrial methylated spirit, ethanol that has been rendered toxic or otherwise undrinkable
* Insulated metal substrate, a substrate used in power electronics applications
* Intelligent Munitions System, American smart mine
* Intravenous Marijuana Syndrome, the clinical name for symptoms occurring after IV injection of boiled cannabis
* Immunomagnetic separation, a laboratory test
* Ion mobility spectrometer, a highly sensitive analytical instrument
* Irritable Male Syndrome, a term for a set of symptoms thought to be caused by a drop in testosterone levels in male mammals

Computers and Internet

* Information Management System, a combination database management system and transaction processing system from IBM
* Internet Map Server, a server that provides maps through the Internet
* Internet Medieval Sourcebook, a web archive with Medieval source documents
* IMTEK Mathematica Supplement, open source Mathematica packages and tutorials
* IP Multimedia Subsystem, a set of specifications from 3GPP for delivering IP multimedia to mobile users


* Indianapolis Motor Speedway, located in Speedway, Indiana
* Integrated master schedule, a time-based expansion of the integrated master plan
* International Measurement System, a handicapping system used in sailboat racing

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