GyazMail is an e-mail client coming from Japan. It works exclusively on Mac OS X. Targeted toward advanced users, it combines the look-and-feel (integration, appearance…) of an application like (the default e-mail client for Mac OS X) with the power of well-tested applications like Eudora, PowerMail or even Thunderbird. GyazMail is a shareware application.

It can be said of GyazMail that it is to e-mail what OmniWeb is to the Web: an "alternative"Compared to] , "integrated" [Compared to non Cocoa applications like aforementionned competitors/Opera or Firefox] , "paid" [Compared to or Thunderbird/Firefox] , "powerful" and "OS X-only client".

Since version 1.5, GyazMail supports IMAP, even if implementation is not perfect, especially regarding speed. The previous lack of this implementation can be argued to have prevented its main target (advanced users) from trying this software.

Some of GyazMail features (only differentiating features are listed):
*IMAP or local.
*Multiples addresses accounts (not exactly like Thunderbird’s [ multiple identities] , even if it is planned).
*Threading (different from’s or Gmail : no grouping, but honours In-Reply-Tos). Some improvements on displaying the structure are also considered.
*format=flowed (only for reading, contrary to which also allows it for writing).
*Oniguruma regular expressions support.
*AppleScript support.
*Growl support.
*"previous/next" in preferences (like for OmniWeb).
*Native return receipt.
*Optionally does not display signature when writing.
*Allow non-breaking space


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