Airman's Creed

Airman's Creed

In 2007, General T. Michael Moseley, Chief of Staff of the US Air Force, introduced the Airman's Creed [cite web
title=CSAF presents Airman's Creed
author=General T. Michael Moseley, Chief of Staff of the Air Force
] . The intent of the creed was to enhance the building of a warrior ethos among its Airmen, as it has steadily been transitioning towards a more martial culture since the events of September 11th, 2001. The creed received criticism from members of other branches of the U.S. armed forces due to the phrase "I will never leave an Airman behind," which was seen as biased toward Air Force personnel over sister service personnel needing medical attention or evacuation. The new Creed, while perporting to be "faithful to a proud heritage" in fact eliminated the proud heritage of other pre-existing creeds by replacing all existing Air Force creeds, such as the Non-Commissioned Officer Creed [cite web
title=Military Ceremony

The Airman's Creed

I am an American Airman
I am a warrior
I have answered my nation’s call

I am an American Airman
My mission is to fly, fight and win
I am faithful to a proud heritage
a tradition of honor
and a legacy of valor

I am an American Airman
guardian of freedom and justice
my nation’s sword and shield
its sentry and avenger
I defend my country with my life

I am an American Airman
wingman, leader, warrior
I will never leave an airman behind
I will never falter
and I will not fail


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