Ollie (skateboarding trick)

Ollie (skateboarding trick)

The ollie is an aerial skateboarding trick, invented by Alan "Ollie" Gelfand in 1976 Snyder, Craig [http://www.skateboarding.com/skate/stories/article/0,23271,1116287,00.html Gasbag] , Transworld Skateboarding Magazine (October 2005, p. 44)] and later adapted to flat ground by Rodney Mullen. The ollie serves as a basis for many other skateboarding tricks, such as the kickflip, heelflip and pop-shove it. The trick is also known as the no hands aerial, because when performing an ollie, the skateboarder does not grab the board at all, and no accessories are attached to the skateboard.


The highest official ollie from flat ground is 44.55 inches (113 centimeters), performed by Danny Wainwright at the Reese Forbes Ollie Challenge by Quiksilver, although Jose Marabotto from Peru was seen on a video from the early '90s clearing a stack of boards estimated at over 50 inches (127 cm). [cite web|title="Ollie" Skateboarding Dictionary|url=http://skateboard.about.com/od/skateboardingdictionary/g/GlosOllie.htm|accessdate=2007-10-20] The highest official switch ollie is 40.125 inches (101.92 cm), performed by Alex Bland in a similar switch ollie competition. [cite web|title=ollie|url=http://expn.go.com/skt/s/lbasr.html|accessdate=2007-10-20]


* Nollie, an Ollie done with the nose of the board instead of the tail.
* Switch Ollie, an Ollie done while riding switch.
* Fakie Ollie, an Ollie done while riding fakie.
* Ollie North, an Ollie where the front foot is kicked forward over the nose of the board. Sometimes called a one-foot ollie, even though both feet are used to perform the trick.
* Boned Ollie, an ollie where the board is dipped down and the legs are practically horizontal, similar to a "Melon Grab" however there is no grab.

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