Margrét Skúladóttir

Margrét Skúladóttir
Margret Skuladottir
Queen consort of Norway
Reign 1225–1263
Spouse Haakon Haakonsson
Father Skule Bårdsson
Born 1208
Died 1270

Margrete Skulesdotter (Old Norse: Margrét Skúladóttir) (1208–1270) was a Norwegian Queen consort, spouse of king Haakon IV of Norway and Queen consort of Norway from 1225 to 1263.


Margrete was the daughter of Jarl Skule Bårdsson and Ragnhild. As part of an attempt to reconcile her father with King Haakon Haakonsson, she was married to the King in 1225. However, in 1239, the conflict between her father and husband erupted into open warfare, when Skule had himself proclaimed king in Nidaros. The rebellion ended in 1240 when Skule was put to death. She became a widow in 1263.


  1. Olav (Óláfr) (born 1226, date of death unknown). Died in infancy.
  2. Haakon (Hákon) (Haakon the Young) (1232–1257). Married Rikitsa Birgersdóttir, daughter of the Swedish jarl Birger. Was appointed king and co-ruler by his father in 1239, he died before his father.
  3. Christina (Kristín) (born 1234, date of death unknown). Married the Spanish prince, Felipe, brother of King Alfonso X of Castile in 1258. She died childless.
  4. Magnus (Magnús) (1238–1280). Was appointed king and co-ruler following the death of Håkon the Young. Crowned as king in 1261 on the occasion of his wedding to the Danish princess Ingibjörg.


Preceded by
Kristina of Norway
Queen Consort of Norway
Succeeded by
Rikissa Birgersdotter

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