The Ampuku is a Winti of a lower standard. He can be in service ofthe higher Winti¡¯s.

A male Ampuku can master himself on woman or a man, so that she/hecan not have sexual intercourse with her/his partner.But he can also protect this person if the persons partner is cheating. He will deliver this message for this person in dreams

He is also seen as the messenger of the realm of the Winti¡¯s. He isthe main servant of Aisa. And he also does the work for the EarthWinti if none of them want to do the work they can count on him todo it. In the realm of the dead can have a disposal of someonespirit that has died a long time ago. The Ampuku can imitate all ofthe other Winti¡¯s in singing, dancing, behaviour and way ofspeaking, but someone that has the knowledge of Winti recognizes himfor what he is: Ampuku.

You have a story about the knowledge of the Ampuku

When Mother Aisa and Father Loko divided their powers to theirtwelve children, the youngest of them, Ampuku, had run an errand forhis mother.When he was back all the powers were already given to the othereleven children.He then told his mother Nana Aberewa about this and she saw that hewas right.So, from Mother Aisa and father Loko all of the others had to giveAmpuku a little of their knowledge. And in the end Ampuku had moreknowledge than all of themThe end result was that Ampuku could imitate everything of theeleven others.


Ampuku is also the name of a Japanese Shiatsu massage technique.

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