United States Ambassador to Luxembourg

United States Ambassador to Luxembourg

The United States has sent ambassadors to Luxembourg since the beginning of the 20th century.

This is a complete list of United States envoys and ambassadors appointed to Luxembourg since 1903:

United States Envoys to Luxembourg

* Stanford Newel 1903-1905
* David J. Hill 1905-1908Also appointed to the Netherlands and resident at The Hague.]
* Arthur M. Beaupre 1908-1911
* Lloyd Bryce 1911-1913
* Henry van Dyke 1913-1917
* John W. Garrett 1917-1919
* William Phillips 1920-1922
* Richard M. Tobin 1923Appointed, but did not serve.]
* Henry P. Fletcher 1923-1924Also appointed to Belgium and resident at Brussels.]
* William Phillips 1924-1927
* Hugh S. Gibson 1927-1933
* Dave Hennen Morris 1933-1937
* Hugh S. Gibson 1937-1938
* Joseph E. Davies 1938-1939
* John Cudahy 1940
* Jay Pierrepont Moffat 1941-1943Appointed to the Government of Luxembourg exiled and established in Canada, and was also accredited to Canada; resided at Ottawa.]
* Ray Atherton 1943
* Anthony J. Drexel Biddle, Jr. 1943Appointed to the Government of Luxembourg exiled and established in London, United Kingdom.]
* Rudolf E. Schoenfeld 1944Was Chargé d'Affaires until superseded.]
* Charles Sawyer 1944-1945
* Alan G. Kirk 1946-1949
* Perle Mesta 1949-1953
* Wiley T. Buchanan, Jr. 1953-1956

United States Ambassadors to Luxembourg

* Wiley T. Buchanan, Jr. 1956
* Vinton Chapin 1957-1960
* A. Burks Summers 1960-1961
* James Wine 1961-1962
* William R. Rivkin 1962-1965
* Patricia Roberts Harris 1965-1967
* George J. Feldman 1967-1969
* Kingdon Gould, Jr. 1969-1972
* Ruth Lewis Farkas 1973-1976
* Rosemary L. Ginn 1976-1977
* James G. Lowenstein 1977-1981
* John E. Dolibois 1981-1985
* Jean Broward Shevlin Gerard 1985-1990
* Frederick Morris Bush
* Edward Morgan Rowell 1990-1994
* Clay Constantinou 1994-1999
* James Catherwood Hormel 1999-2001
* Gerald J. Loftus 2001-2002
* Peter Terpeluk, Jr. 2002-2005
* Ann Louise Wagner 2005-



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