Statistical consultant

Statistical consultant

A statistical consultant provides statistical and research advice and guidance to clients in business, medicine, psychology, law, industry. The role of the statistical consultant varies from project to project, and can include any or all of the following:
* design of experiments and research studies
* determination of adequate sample size to detect a hypothesized effect
* determination of an adequate sampling procedure for a study, survey or experiment
* supervision of data collection to ensure elements of the population are being sampled correctly
* statistical analyses (e.g., analysis of variance, regression, etc.) of data to address research hypotheses
* the write-up of statistical results for professional conferences or other presentations

Many universities run statistical consulting services for researchers and students within their institution, and some also offer external consulting on commercial terms.

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*Management consulting


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External links

* [ Statistical Consulting section] of the American Statistical Association
* [ Directory of Statistical Consultants] provided by the Royal Statistical Society

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