List of tallest buildings in Bratislava

List of tallest buildings in Bratislava

There are several high-rise buildings in Bratislava over 100 meters high. These are sometimes incorrectly called skyscrapers, predominantly in print; however, currently (2007) there are no true skyscrapers in Bratislava (over 150 meters high). The tallest building is the headquarters of the National Bank of Slovakia, 111 meters high. The tallest building, if antenna height is included, is Tower 115 (115 meters), formerly known as Presscentrum.

The tallest structure in Bratislava broader center is the chimney of the former heating plant near the new building of Slovak National Theatre (120 m). The chimney is often criticized to spoil the panorama and is planned to be demolished.

Finished buildings

High-rise buildings under construction and planned buildings

* Eurovea, second phase, about 150 m
* Twin City, 138 m, 34 floors, construction 2007-2011
* Panorama City, 135 m, 39 floors, building pair, construction 2007-2010
* Lipový park, 131/113 m, building pair, construction 2007-2009
* Slovany, 122 m, 41 floors, pair of buildings, construction 2007-2009
* Slovany II, 29 floors, 93,5 m, construction 2009-2011
* Olympia, 121 m, 36 floors
* Chalupkova zone, 100-120 m, 6 buildings
* Residence Tower, 32 floors, 107 m, construction 2006-2008
* Centrum Bottova, 31 floors, 106 m, construction 2007-2010
* High-rise building on Šancová street, 104 m, 34 or 22 floors, construction since 2004
* Centrál baths, 98 m, 27 floors
* Multifunction building Starohorská, 24 floors
* Petržalka City A, 92 m, 26 floors
* Trinity, 18, 19 and 20 floors
* Obydick, 26 floors, 86 m, construction 2007-2008
* Lakeside Park, 20 floors, 85 m, construction 2006-2008
* Karolína, 19 floors
* Multifunction building Krasovského, 19 floors
* Multifunction building Humenské námestie, 17 floors
* TatraCity, 19 floors, construction 2007-2008
* Urbicom, 24 floors
* Tomášikova hotel, 23 floors
* Millennium Tower III, 22 floors, 78 m, construction 2007-2009
* Dominant, 20 floors, construction 2006-2008
* Jégého alej, 21 floors, construction 2007-2009
* Centropark, 18 floors
* Vienna Gate, 78 and 56 m, 22 and 16 floors, construction 2006-2008
* Apollo Business Center II, 76,5 m, 17 floors, construction 2006-2008
* III Veže, 73 m, 24 floors, building triplet, construction 2006-2010
* Universo, 21 floors, construction 2006-2008
* Vista Tower, 65 m, 18 floors, construction 2008-2010
* KV2-A, 22 floors
* Century Residence, 25 and 34 floors, construction 2008-2011
* Multifunction area Dúbravka, 24 floors, construction 2008-2010
* Emporia Towers, 14 floors, construction 2007-2008
* Park Project, 19 floors, construction 2008-2009

Towers and other structures

# UFO cafe on top of the Nový most bridge, 85 m
# St. Martin's Concathedral, 85 m
# the central pillar on Slavín, 39,5 m

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