Bridge Mixture

Bridge Mixture

Bridge Mixture is a Canadian bridge mix confectionery manufactured by Hershey Canada. Sold in bright yellow boxes of 145 grams or bags of 300 grams, the Mixture is comprised of miscellaneous sweet candies coated in two varieties of milk chocolate—a lighter kind and a darker kind. The darker variety looks like dark chocolate, but does not taste like it. There is no significant marketing of the product, which maintains its somewhat low profile. Because of this Bridge Mixture has fanbase that is entirely dependent on those who have ventured out to try it (without any advertising) and it depends greatly on word of mouth marketing. This leads to a somewhat ironic "mix" of fans—people either seem to love it or loathe it (presumably because their first impression is based on no outside influences besides the person who recommend/made them aware of it).

According to Stuart Johnston, a former employee of Hershey Foods, the origin of the product is based on dropped items from six conveyor belts to a foot bridge used in the plant for equipment repair. Prior to a repair, or as the bridge was coated in dropped pieces the bridge would be tilted to remove the fallen chocolates which were placed in large containers and left around the facility. Staff were allowed to eat from the 'bridge mixture' until a change in management opted to package and brand the combination.

The slogan for the candy is: "A delicious assortment of coated confectionery" which accurately explains the contents. Indeed, the box/bag gives no indication at all of what morsel is going to contain which filling, making it much like eating a box of assorted chocolates. The contents of the candy are always a surprise, which can make Bridge Mixture a very fun candy to eat. The box/bag also includes the words "The Original Bridge Mixture" in Old Tyme Writing Font, giving it an air of a very old style candy style from several generations past. This adds to its highly whimsical appeal.

The mixture includes:

Mint and orange flavoured pieces coated in dark chocolate—as well as peanuts, raisins and Turkish delight (affectionately nicknamed green or red jellies), coated in milk chocolate. [ [ Bridge Mixture ] ] The mixture also contains milk chocolate coated caramels. They are notorious for being too hard. After an unfortunate broken teeth incident during a visit by the Ugandan President, which lead to a strained Canadian - Ugandan relationship for many years, an unsuccessful challenge was made to Bridge Mixture's status as the official candy of Canada.

The "world's largest box of bridge mixture", a 24 foot statue made out of Canadian granite, can be seen outside the factory where bridge mixture originated. Of interest, the statue was blessed by Pope John Paul II.


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