Island of Šarengrad

Island of Šarengrad

Island of Šarengrad ( _hr. Šarengradska ada) is a Croatian island on the river Danube. As its name implies, it is situated close to the village of Šarengrad. [ [ sarengrad ] ]

During Yugoslavia the island was part of Croatia. During the Croatian War of Independence, Yugoslav People's Army and Serbian paramilitary occupied the island.

In 1991 Croatia became independent. By decision of the Badinter Arbitration Committee the borders between republics became the borders between the countries, [ [ The Opinions of the Badinter Arbitration Committee: A Second Breath for the Self-Determination of Peoples ] ] [ [ ] ] [ [ // Osrh ] ] [ [ Ured predsjednika RH - kolovoz ] ] so Island of Šarengrad officially became Croatian territory under Serbian occupation, similar to other parts of east Croatia at the time.

In 1998 by a peaceful agreement Baranja and Eastern Slavonia were rejoined with Croatia, but the Island of Šarengrad together with Island of Vukovar has stayed under Serbian military occupation.

In 2002 the Serbian army opened fire from the island on the president of the Vukovar-Syrmia County, Nikola Safer, and his escort which included four children in time when he was going for a meeting with his colleague from Serbia. This was despite the party having had formal consent from Serbian officials. [ [ Slobodna Dalmacija: 29 ] ] [ [ DPI - Foreign Media Monitoring ] ]

In 2004 Serbia withdrew its army from the island, which has been replaced with Serbian police. Any citizen of Croatia can approach that island crossing the border Backa Palanka - Ilok, as any other foreign citizen can.

Official Serbian position is that because the Island of Šarengrad is nearer to east, Serbian coast of Danube, therefore it's a Serbian island. On the other side the official Croatian position is that the decision of the Badinter Arbitration Committee is final and without question so the island is a Croatian territory. International community respects AVNOJ borders, where middle of the Danube acts as a natural border dividing Croatia and Serbia, thus acknowledging Croatian possession of the island.


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