Farrell (surname)

Farrell (surname)

Farrell is a surname, from the Irish Farrell clan ( _ga. Uí Fheargaile) meaning "man of Valor", and may refer to:

In music and ballet:
* Ciaran Farrell, Irish composer.
* Bobby Farrell, DJ in the Netherlands
* Dave Farrell, the bassist in the nu metal/rapcore band Linkin Park
* Eileen Farrell, famous American opera and concert singer soprano
* Gail Farrell, American singer and songwriter who is famous as a member of The Lawrence Welk Show
* Joe Farrell, jazz saxophonist and flautist
* Perry Farrell, musician particularly noted for his varied and founding role in alternative rock during the late 1980s and 1990s
* Shaun Farrell, vocalist for Australian alternative band Johnny Not Sorry.
* Suzanne Farrell, ballerina

In sports:

* Andrew Farrell, English rugby union player
* Craig Farrell, English footballer
* Damien Farrell, Antiguan and Barbudan footballer
* Dessie Farrell, Irish Gaelic Footballer
* Frank Farrell
* Greg Farrell, Scottish footballer
* John Farrell (speed skating), American speed skater
* Johnny Farrell, American professional golfer
* Kerby Farrell, American baseball player
* Renita Farrell, Australian field hockey player
* Turk Farrell, American baseball player

In literature:

* Brian Farrell, Irish author, journalist, academic & broadcaster
* Henry Farrell, the author of the Hollywood horror novel What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
* J. G. Farrell (1935-1979), Irish and British writer
* James T. Farrell, American novelist
* Warren Farrell, American writer

In television and film:

* Mark Farrell, award-winning Canadian comedian and writer
* Charles Farrell (1901–1990), American actor
* Will Ferrell, American actor
* Colin Farrell (b. 1976), Irish actor
* Glenda Farrell, American film actress
* Judy Farrell, actress and ex-wife of Mike Farrell
* Mike Farrell, American actor
* Nicholas Farrell, UK Actor
* Terry Farrell (actress) (b. 1963), American actress
* Timothy Farrell, film actor that may be best known for his roles in the Ed Wood, Jr. films "Jail Bait", "The Violent Years", and "Glen or Glenda"

In fiction:

* Jamey Farrell, fictional character
* Kat Farrell, fictional character existing in Marvel Comics' Marvel Universe
* Rosa Farrell, fictional character

In military:

* Edelmiro Julián Farrell, Argentine soldier
* John Farrell, Irish recipient of the Victoria Cross

In politics:

* Edelmiro Julián Farrell, President of Argentina (1944-1946)
* Henry Farrell (political scientist), political scientist at George Washington University
* Robert C. Farrell, member of the Los Angeles City Council from 1974 until 1991
* Thomas Farrell (Manitoba politician), candidate for the riding of Thomson in the Manitoba
* Patrick Farrell,former General Secretary Fianna Fail(Ireland's largest political party), former member of Irish Parliament (Senate).

In other fields:
* Brian D. Farrell, bioinformaticist and museum curator
* Lennox Farrell, head of the Caribbean Cultural Committee
* Scott Ferrall, American radio host
* Suzanne Farrell, one of the most noted ballerinas of the 20th century
* Tami Farrell, Miss Teen USA 2003
* Terry Farrell (architect), leading English architect
* Thomas Farrell, the Deputy Commanding General and Chief of Field Operations of the Manhattan Engineer District
* Mairéad Farrell (1957-1988), Irish revolutionary

ee also

* Ferrell, surname
* O'Farrell, surname

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