Diocese of Amyclae

Diocese of Amyclae

The Diocese or Bishopric of Amyclae is a titular Roman Catholic see named for Amyclae (now Amykles)[1] in the Peloponnese in Greece, in the ecclesiastical province of Hellas, a suffragan of Corinth, and in the Middle Ages a Latin see known to the French rulers of Achaia as "Micles", or "Nicles", afterwards united with the sees of Veligosti and Leontari (Megalopolis).


  1. ^ Amyclae was one of the most ancient towns of Greece, and said to have been the home of Tyndarus and of Castor and Pollux ("Amyclaei fratres"). It is mentioned by Homer (Iliad, II, 584). It was situated quite close to Sparta in a fertile and wooded district, not far from the river Eurotas.

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