Lio Junior

Lio Junior

Lio Junior is the name of a fictional character from the various Transformers universes.

Beast Wars Second

Transformers character
name =Lio Junior

caption =
affiliation =Maximal
subgroup =Basic Beasts
function =Warrior
rank =
partner =Santon & Skywarp
motto ="Youth should never be underestimated!"
alternatemodes =Lion
series =Beast Wars Second
voiceby =Yumiko Kobayashi
Liojunior was created from a blank Maximal protoform, exposed to Angolmois energy upon the Lio Convoy's Matrix. Weapons include his Lion Vute Whip. Twin horns extend from his mane to fire Angolmois Ball spheres. His mane can become Lion Wings, which allow him to fly short distances. [ [ Lio Junior (Maximal Basic Beasts, Beast Wars II) ] ]

Animated series

Lio Junior appeared in the Beast Wars Second Movie, "Lio Convoy Crisis".

IDW Publishing

Lio Junior appeared in issue 2 of IDW Publishing's Beast Wars Sourcebook.


*Beast Wars Second Lio Junior (1998):The toy of Lio Junior is a redeco of "Beast Wars" Prowl. []

*Beast Wars Second Lio Junior Black (1998)

*Beast Wars Second Lio Junior White (1998)


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