Vampire (Marvel Comics)

Vampire (Marvel Comics)


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Vampires are fictional characters found in the Marvel Universe.


They were created roughly 15,000 years ago when a small band of sorcerers from the legendary city of Atlantis discovered a book known as the Darkhold, an indestructible text filled with arcane lore and dark magic written countless millennia earlier by the primeval demon Chthon. These sorcerers used one of the spells found within the text and caused some of their enemies to rise from their graves in vampiric form, believing that these vampires would be under their control. However, these vampires were more powerful than their would-be masters, slew them, and escaped Atlantis before the continent sank. The true first vampire, who turned out to be an Atlantean priest that was dying and saw this as an opportunity to gain eternal life, was known only as Varnae. Varnae reigned as the unchallenged leader of Earth's vampires for many thousands of years before ceding the title and position to Vlad Dracula sometime in the middle of the 15th century A.D. Dracula retained this title in a nearly unbroken reign until Earth's Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Stephen Strange, uncovered a mystical spell that would banish all vampires from this dimension. Ironically, this spell was found within the Darkhold, the same mystical text containing the spell used to create vampires in the first place.


A vampire is a human being who has died but has been resurrected by specific supernatural means and possesses a variety of supernatural abilities and specific limitations, most notably to frequently ingest fresh blood in order to maintain their own existence. Vampires have often been referred to as "undead" throughout the centuries since, even when active, they were not truly alive in the same sense as ordinary human beings. Technically, they can be classified as actually being dead.


Vampires require the fresh blood of living beings, preferably the blood of humans, in order to sustain their physical existence and, usually, obtain it by biting their victims and draining their victims' blood. The bite of a vampire transfers a very mysterious enzyme found only within the saliva of a vampire into the bloodstream of the victim. If a vampire drinks enough blood to cause a victim's death, this enzyme triggers an unusual metabolic change within the victim's body, beginning with the production of an unusual green liquid referred to as ichor into the bloodstream.

After roughly three days, there is enough of this liquid in the victim's body that it begins to course through the victim's veins in the same way his or her blood once did. The victim then returns as a vampire and is capable of all the basic capabilities of ordinary humans, with the exception of being able to have children, plus a number of superhuman abilities. However, if the victim retains sufficient blood to survive the vampire's attack, he or she begins to show signs of anemia because of the presence of the enzyme in his or her bloodstream. The victim does not die under such circumstances, but until a newly created vampire's body metabolizes the enzyme--a process that might take as long as several months in some cases--he or she is extremely weak and highly susceptible to hypnotic suggestions, verbally or through long-range mental contact, by the vampire responsible for the attack. There is also a distinct possibility of the newly-turned vampire developing a perverse sexual attraction for the vampire responsible for the transformation.

Note that a new vampire is not created unless the attacking vampire wishes to do so, or loses control and injects too much enzyme.


Most vampires possessed superhuman physical strength anywhere from 10 to 20 times greater than they possessed in their mortal lives. The vast majority of known and recorded vampires were capable of lifting from 1,000 lbs. to 4,000 lbs., with only Count Dracula and his predecessor Varnae being known to lift more at four and seven tons respectively due to their special stance as ruler of Earth's vampire race.


The overall extent of a vampire's abilities depended upon the strength of the vampire's will. Exceptional vampires with powerful wills, such as Dracula or Varnae, were capable of summoning and controlling thunderstorms, even though the mystical concentration required to do so left them extremely weak for a certain period of time. The vampire's willpower could also determine the extent to which he or she could master their craving for blood and retain the same personality they had in life. However, most people that became vampires quickly found themselves unable to resist the all consuming craving for blood. They quickly degenerated into cruel and animalistic hunters of ordinary human beings, even if these new vampires had been kind and sensitive people in their mortal lives.

ummoning and shapeshifting

Vampires could summon and control certain creatures such as bats, wolves, and rats. Vampires could also transform themselves into bats, and in the case of some vampires, wolves, while retaining their human intelligence in these forms. Some vampires could even become human-sized bats. Vampires could also transform themselves into mist at will, while still retaining their normal consciousnesses in that form.

Mind control

A vampire could make most human beings into his or her temporary slave if he or she could catch their gaze for a sufficient amount of time, usually only a matter of seconds. The exact length of time needed to mesmerize the victim depended on the strength of will of the vampire and that of his or her victim.


Vampires were rendered immune to the ravages of disease and of aging. However, if deprived of blood for a lengthy period of time, a vampire would begin to show distinct signs of aging, such as his or her hair turning gray. Upon ingesting fresh blood, the vampire would revert to the age in which he or she had been at the time of death.

In most cases, vampires were able to heal themselves from minor injuries within a very brief period of time. Some vampires, such as Count Dracula, could heal from severe burns or broken bones within the span of a few hours, whereas most other vampires might require several days to heal the exact same injury. Vampires were not able to regenerate missing organs or severed portions of their anatomy, with the exception of hair and skin. Apart from periodic inconveniences, injuries like these would not critically impair a vampire's effectiveness. Because the ichor was similar in function to blood, poisons and other toxic substances that were circulated in its bloodstream would adversely affect a vampire, although no dosage was large enough to cause death.

Countermeasures against Vampires

Vampire Weaknesses

Vampires had many limitations imposed upon their supernatural abilities, and even upon their very existence.


The only substances which could cause a vampire pain were silver and, to a lesser extent, unless it penetrated the vampire's heart, wood. The surest way to kill a vampire was to drive a wooden stake or a silver blade through his or her heart. The stake or blade prevented the heart from supplying ichor to the rest of the body. If the stake or blade was removed, however, even if the vampire's body had crumbled to dust, the vampire's mystical vitality would restore his or her body to the condition it had before the vampire was slain, and return him or her to vampiric "life." Beheading a vampire would also kill him or her. However, there were only three methods of making sure of destroying a vampire permanently. One was to expose the vampire to direct sunlight and then to scatter the ashes. Another was to pierce the vampire's heart with wood or silver, sever his or her head, burn the head and body in separate places and scatter the two resulting piles of ashes in separate locations. The third was mystically, most notably by using the incantation known as the Montesi Formula (after the monk who first realized its significance). Montesi created the incantation by studying fragmentary copies of the Darkhold. It was lost amid many other documents copied by various anonymous monks over the centuries. Research by various vampire hunters over the past few decades revealed its significance, and it was sought by both those hunters and by Dracula, who wished to destroy all copies of it. The incantation apparently cancelled the mystic curse that allowed any vampire within earshot to exist, causing it to crumple to dust. The danger is that, as the Montesi Formula was created from black magic theory from the Darkhold, using it untrained (in the mystic arts) causes the user to lose his soul.

At one point, a cult who worshiped the elder demon gods apparently fixated on Dracula as a recipient of their power. Dracula gave them the fragments of the Darkhold he had discovered; the cultists (who were low level mystics) repeatedly recast the original spells that created the first vampires. This increased Dracula's powers considerably, and he lost his vulnerably to sunlight and others. Dracula was able to take full control of their minds (as well as anyone around the world that Dracula had ever hypnotized in the past, at will).

Doctor Strange (who at the time was in a great battle with Dracula) was aware of the Montesi Formula. He tracked down the Darkhold and using the original source material to study the spells that created vampires, Doctor Strange created a massive version of the Montesi Formula (backed by his power as Sorcerer Supreme) to wipe out all vampires in the Marvel Universe.

As shown in the Runaways series, staking a vampire is not always completely effective. Sister Grim a.k.a. Nico Minoru shoots the Staff of One completely through the vampire Topher without permanent damage. However, Topher was shortly defeated when he drank Lucy in the Sky a.k.a. Karolina Dean's blood. (Karolina is a member of an undisclosed alien race that lives within a star.)

Known Vampires

*Adze ["Tomb of Dracula" vol. 4 #1] - Guyana, assaulted village of Benjamin Alomii; slaughtered half of them; and turned the remainder of the village into vampires; destroyed by Ben Alomii
*Jamal Afari ["Marvel Preview" #3] - raised Blade after Madame Vanity from the age of nine to adulthood; later transformed into vampire by Dracula; destroyed by Blade ["Blade" vol. 3 #10] then later revived in modern era and allied with Dracula; briefly vamped Spider-Man; destroyed by Blade again ["Blade" vol. 3 #12]
*Katherine Ainsley-Jonesissue
*Akivashas ["Savage Sword of Conan" #10] - Hyborian era Stygian vampires
*Benjamin Solomon Alomii ["Tomb of Dracula" vol. 4 #1] - member of Noah van Helsing's Vampire Hunters; began hunting Adze vampires of Guyana after his infected wife devoured their children and half of their village; eventually transformed into a vampire by the Adze; destroyed by Blade ["Tomb of Dracula" vol. 4 #4]
*Jessica Alomii ["Tomb of Dracula" vol. 4 #1] - infected wife of Ben Alomii; devoured their children and half of their village after being turned by Adze; destroyed by Ben.
*Alonzo ["Dracula Lives" #8] - circa 1926; former agent of Nick Diablo; sired by Dracula.
*Amenhotep ["Avengers" #129] - five thousand years old; member of the Legion of the Unliving
*Emily Arthurs ["Tomb of Dracula" #54] - schoolteacher who was vamped by Dracula
*Ezra Asher ["Wolverine: Black Rio"] - ex-wife of detective Antonio Vargus; former ally of Saint Cyrus Leviticus
*Baby ["Blade: The Vampire Hunter" vol. 2 #1]
*Charles Barnabus ["Bloodstone" #1] - Pureblood; executor of Bloodstone Estate
*Baron Blood (John Falsworth) ["Invaders" #7] - circa World War II; member of Super-Axis and the Legion of the Unliving; brother of Union Jack (Montgomery Falsworth); uncle of Spitfire Jacqueline Critchton); great-uncle of Baron Blood (Ken Crichton); transformed by Dracula; mutated by surgery from Nazi scientists; beheaded in modern times by Captain America ["Avengers Annual" #16]
*Baron Blood (Kenneth Critchton) ["Union Jack" #2] - son of Spitfire (Jacqueline Falsworth Crichton); nephew of Union Jack (Brian Falsworth); grandson of Montgomery Falsworth; great-nephew of Baron Blood (John Falsworth); transformed into vampire by Baroness Blood; destroyed by sunlight ["Captain America" vol. 4 #31]
*Baroness Blood (Lily Cromwell) ["Invaders" vol. 3 #2] - member of Axis Mundi; daughter of Dr. Jacob Cromwell who was killed and replaced by Baron Blood (Falsworth); led cult to find Holy Grail; transformed Kenneth Crichton into Baron Blood; impregnated by him; immunity to sunlight by drinking from Grail; betrayed cult and Baron Blood, causing them to be consumed by sunlight
*Eddie Baxterissue
*Martin Beateringissue
*Louis Belski ["Dracula Lives" #4] - former actor for Mallet Studios; transformed by Dracula; destroyed by Werewolf (Jack Russell) ["Werewolf by Night" #19]
*Bitsy ["Blade" #3] - ally of Federico Valencia; destroyed by Blade ["Blade" #4]
*Black Baron (Rupert Kemp) ["Super Spider-Man & Captain Britain" #235] - vampire and werewolf hybrid; seventh Baron Darkmoor; kidnapped Courtney Ross and attempted to make her his mate; killed when stabbed through the heart with a silver stake ["Super Spider-Man & Captain Britain" #238]
*Blade (Eric Brooks) ["Tomb of Dracula" #10 ] - former member of the Nightstalkers and SHIELD's Howling Commandos; son of Lucas Cross; mother killed by Deacon Frost during childbirth; trained by Jamal Afari; transformed into pseudo-vampire by bite from Morbius
*Blade doppelganger ["Tomb of Dracula" #45] - allegedly created by Deacon Frost at the same time Blade was born; attacked and absorbed Blade into itself; staked through the heart by Dracula; briefly revived and quickly destroyed by Hannibal King to allow Son of Satan to separate Blade from it ["Tomb of Dracula" #53]
*Blivet ["Blaze" vol. 2 #10] - member of Undead MC
*Bloodstorm (Dracula) ["Nightstalkers" #16] - clone of Dracula;
*Jack Boltissue
*Bonham ["Thing/She-Hulk: Long Night] - leader of a subterranean group of insectoid vampires
*Father Bordia ["Dracula Lives" #4] - circa 1459; held the Darkhold scrolls; staked by Dracula ["Dracula Lives" #4]
*Lucas Brand ["Tomb of Dracula" #9] - beat Dracula when he was weakened; later was turned into a vampire by Dracula; killed Faust; later trained by Dr. Sun to defeat Dracula and become lord of the vampires; incinerated by Dr. Sun ["Tomb of Dracula" #9]
*Odette Byelai ["Tomb of Dracula" vol. 2 #5] - a ballerina who underwent a bird-like transformation initially; staked herself as her dancing skills diminished and after Dracula forced her to turn into a bat-woman ["Tomb of Dracula" vol. 2 #5]
*Carmen ["Frankenstein Monster" #7] - circa the 19th Century; encountered Frankenstein monster; destroyed by him ["Frankenstein Monster" #7]
*Rosella Carson ["Dracula Lives" #3] - circa the 16th Century; transformed by Dracula; Solomon Kane was sent rescue her but destroyed her when found she was a vampire ["Dracula Lives" #3]
*Dalton Cartwright ["Ghost Rider" vol. 2 #48]
*Charnel ["Blaze" vol. 2 #10] - leade of Undead MC
*Francois Chicault ["Gambit" vol. 3 #4] - member of the Assassin’s Guild; beheaded by Blade ["Gambit" vol. 3 #4]
*Children of Eternity ["Marvel Preview" #8] - Legion of Vampires trapped at their age as children when they were turned into vampires; slaughtered by Blade ["Marvel Preview" #8]
*Children of Judas ["Dracula Lives" #3] - 19th Century coven of vampires and servants of Dracula; transformed Elisabeth van Helsing
*Roberta Christiansen ["Dracula Lives" #8] - former pilot for CIA; transformed by Dracula; resisted him to the point of her own destruction
*Christina ["Vampire Tales" #2] - also known as Sister Christina; employee at Madame Angela's brothel; transformed Leroy Hayes; destroyed by Conrad Jeavons
*John Crichton ["Union Jack" #3] - son of Kenneth Crichton and Baroness Blood; suffers from a blood disorder
*Lucas Cross ["Blade" vol. 3 #1] - former member of the NSA and Order of Tyrana; father of Blade; transformed into a vampire while in Latveria in order to survive a terminal disease; sought prophecy to restore his soul
*Tara Cross ["Blade: Vampire Hunter" #1] - transformed by Dracula
*Marianne Cutlass ["Tomb of Dracula" #48] - born circa 1873; father was a pirate who was transformed into a vampire by Dracula and later destroyed by him; husband transformed by Dracula who in turn transformed her into a vampire; begged Dracula to kill her after Blade killed her husband which he did ["Tomb of Dracula" #48]
*Arthur de la Courte ["Generation X" #60]
*Marcos de la Trianaissue
*Marianne de la Trianaissue
*Baron Emile de Sevignyissue
*Don Santiago de Valdezissue
*Nick Diablo ["Dracula Lives" #8] - circa 1926; gangster in Rome; tried to put out a hit on Dracula but his allies were turned into vampires and attacked him
*Diana ["Epic Anthology" #1] - vampire child; plotted to revive the ten most evil people to ever set foot in New Orleans; abducted Rikki Eco and Ize, accidentally killed Ize; placed spirit of General Butler in Rikki
*Dina Drackoissue
*Draconis ["Blade" vol. 7] - transformed when he was a devout priest; became an exceptionally powerful vampire; increased his own power by feeding on other vampire; he trained to destroy Blade but was weakened after Blade drained his blood who then later decapitated him ["Blade" vol. 3 #8] ; reanimated when Blade unwittingly fulfilled a prophecy ["Blade" vol. 3 #12]
*Dracula (Vlad Tepes Dracul) ["Fantastic Four" #30] - lord of the vampires; father of Lilith, Vlad & Golden Angel (Janus); ancestor of Frank Drake; transformed into a vampire by Lianda; destroyed by Montesi Formula; revived
*Sir Harry Everettissue
*Fatboy ["Blade: Vampire Hunter" vol. 2 #1]
*Jason Faust ["Tomb of Dracula" #11] - old enemy of Quincy Harker; formerly employed Lucas Brand; killed by Brand after he was turned into a vampire by Dracula ["Tom of Dracula" #11]
*Dominic Ferrara ["Bizarre Adventures" #25] -
*Elliot Flanders ["Blade" #6] - member of Huskie; wanted to tell his son he loved him after which he was destroyed by Blade ["Blade" #6]
*Bethany Flynn ["Blade: Vampire Hunter" #2] - girlfriend of Tara Cross; transformed by Dracula
*Freak ["Blade: Vampire Hunter" vol. 2 #2] - agent of Silvereye; stabbed by Blade when he rebelled against his control
*Angela Freeman ["Vampire Tales" #6] - old friend of Misty Knight; destroyed ["Bizarre Adventures" #25]
*Tom Freeman ["Bizarre Adventures" #25]
*Deacon Frost ["Tomb of Dracula" #13] - Vampire Lord and former German scientist circa 1863; inadvertently injected with own serum when attacked by the husband of a test subject; responsible for the creation of Blade and Hannibal King
*Jean Garver ["Dracula Lives" #8] - ex-wife of NYPD officer, Lou Garver; transformed by Dracula; destroyed by Lou
*Giuseppe ["Dracula Lives" #8] - circa 1926; former agent of Nick Diablo; transformed by Dracula
*Gladys ["Tomb of Dracula" #9]
*Tabitha Glance ["Generation X" #62] - destroyed
*Glory ["Blade: Vampire Hunter" #6] - member of Bloodshadows; former lover of Blade; destroyed ["Blade: Vampire Hunter" #12]
*Gordski ["Defenders" #95] - empowered by Puishannt
*Grausum ["New Invaders" #4] - German; former servant of Baron Blood, possibly destroyed by Jim Hammond ["New Invaders" #5]
*Groza ["Tomb of Dracula" vol. 4 #4] - member of Mortuus Invitus; led the group assisting Noah van Helsing's Vampire Hunters against the Adze; consumed by the spirits unleashed against Dracula by Aamshed
*Rudolph Hagstromissue
*Hairboy ["Blaze"vol. 2 #10] - member of Undead MC
*Corker Haller ["Tomb of Dracula" #9]
*Edith Harker ["Tom of Dracula" #7] - daughter of Quincy and Elizabeth Harker; kidnapped and transformed into a vampire by Dracula; destroyed by Quincy ["Tomb of Dracula" #12]
*Dr Samuel Harkins ["Vampire Tales" #11] - leader of the Brotherhood of Judas
*Harold H. Harold ["Tomb of Dracula" #37] - former writer of "True Vampire Stories"; encountered and nursed Dracula when he was weak; ally of the Vampire Hunters; ultimately transformed into a vampire by Dracula; destroyed by the Montesi Formula ["Dr Strange" vol. 2 #62]
*Hector ["Tomb of Dracula" vol. 4 #1]
*Hellcow (Bessie) ["Giant-Size Man-Thing" #5] - vampiric cow; encountered and destroyed by Howard the Duck
*Mrs. Hilmerson ["Generation X" #62] - destroyed
*Hrolf ["Blade: Vampire Hunter" vol. 2 #1] - leader of a coven that battled Blade
*Kuai Hua ["Tomb of Dracula" #30] - former servant of Dracula; removed the stake from Dracula after he was destroyed by Blade’s Vampire Hunters
*Huskies ["Blade" #6] - a variation on vampires; revive as virtually mindless creatures trying to accomplish one last task from real life before being destroyed
*Jeannie ["Tomb of Dracula" #1] -
*Melissa Jenkinsissue
*Jule ["Dracula Lives" #9]
*Julie ["Dracula Lives" #9]
*Julka ["Savage Sword of Conan" #26] - circa 16th Century; daughter of a Transylvanian pastor; transformed by Dracula, destroyed by Solomon Kane
*Jumlin ["Tomb of Dracula" vol. 4 #1] - race of vampires associated with Native American lore; allegedly the first vampires on Earth; long fought by the tribe of Lucas Telling-Stone
*Karla ["Tomb of Dracula" #69]
*Stefan Keroissue
*Khiron (Victor Strange) ["Dr Strange" vol. 3 #56] - brother of Dr. Strange; also known as Baron Blood.
*Renne Kimbrell ["Blade" vol. 3 #3] - destroyed by Blade
*Hannibal King ["Tomb of Dracula" #25] - private investigator; created by Deacon Frost circa the late 1940s; former member of Nightstalkers, Midnight Sons and Borderline Investigations
*Hauptmann Rudoplh Kriss ["Dracula Lives" #2] - circa 1944; a Nazi who was possessed by Dracula
*Count Kroninissue
*Kuyuk ["Tomb of Dracula" vol. 4 #3] - a group of Charniputra vampires who were consumed by Dracula after his legions failed to stop Noah van Helsing's Vampire Hunters
*Lala ["Dracula Lives" #3] - circa 1459; a minion of Nimrod the First who attempted to seduce Dracula
*Lamia ["Blade: Vampire Hunter" #6] - former priestess of Varane in ancient Atlantis; in the 20th century she slaughtered the Bloodshadows and turned Glory into a vampire
*Thomas Lawson ["Marvel Preview" #3] - a former constable; member of the Legion of the Damned.
*Legion of the Damned ["Tomb of Dracula" vol. 2 #6] - founded circa 1862; a group of ninety-nine confederate soldiers enslaved by Dracula who were used to save a group of Confederate soldiers containing the family of Annabelle St. John, only 13 survived; the second known group was based in London ["Vampire Tales" #8] ; also agents of Dracula; killed Madame Vanity and the entire brothel where Blade's mother formerly worked
*Legride of Vienna ["Bloodstone" #4] - thought to be a pure blood; captured by Nosferati and infected with a hemorhalgic virus
*Lenore ["Tomb of Dracula" #5] - formerly kept imprisoned in mist form within a bottle in Castle Dracula; later released by Dracula and sent after Rachel van Helsing and Frank Drake; destroyed when she was pulled in front of a spear by Dracula to save his own life ["Tomb of Dracula" #6]
*Ursula Lensky ["Dracula Lives" #9] - obsessed with Dracula; transformed by Dracula and sent to kill Rizzoli; destroyed by the police led by Lou Garver
*Anton Levka ["Dracula Lives" #4] - circa 1459; briefly took over Castle Dracula after Dracula’s capture by Turac; later destroyed by Dracula
*Lianda ["Dracula Lives" #1] - empowered Dracula. Destroyed
*Lilith ["Giant-Size Chillers" #1] - member of SHIELD's Howling Commandos; daughter of Dracula to his first wife Zofia; transformed by a gypsy Gretchen into an unusual vampire; once killed by Quincy Harker after Dracula killed his wife; seeks destruction of Dracula
*Madame Angela ["Vampire Tales" #2] - owned a brothel circa 1930; incinerated by exposure to sunlight
*Marguerita [Frankenstein Monster" #7] - grandmother of Carmen; duped the Frankenstein monster into freeing Dracula; destroyed by it.
*Marissa ["Tomb of Dracula" #68]
*Mary ["Dracula Lives" #13] - an American girl who was transformed by Dracula in Paris; destroyed herself when he left her
*Millie Pat Masonissue
*Ken Mitchellissue
*Beatrice Montague ["Black Panther" vol. 4 #12] - from New Orleans; sister of Victor; destroyed by Monica Rambeau ["Black Panther" vol. 4 #13]
*Victor Montague ["Black Panther" vol. 4 #12] - from New Orleans; sister of Victor; destroyed by Monica Rambeau ["Black Panther" vol. 4 #13]
*Luisa Morelli ["Dracula Lives" #8] - circa 1926; former girlfriend of Nick Diablo; transformed by Dracula
*Dr. Michael Morbius ["Amazing Spider-Man" #101] - former member of the Midnight Sons, the Nine and the Legion of Monsters; injected self with a mutated bat serum which transformed him into a vampire-like creature; cured when struck by lightning while consuming Spider-Man’s blood; transformed back into a living vampire by Marie Laveau; further mutated by HYDRA
*Morophla ["Conan the Barbarian" #44] - from the Hyborian era; one of the original vampires created in Atlantis; killed by Conan and Red Sonja
*Dr. Heinrich Mortteissue
*Mortuus Invitus ["Tomb of Dracula" vol. 4 #2] - a sect of vampires who oppose other vampires; assisted Noah van Helsing's Vampire Hunters against Dracula
*Navarro ["Journey into Mystery" #520] - South Aamerican Indian who attempted to unleash a biological virus; encountered Hannibal King and was trapped in explosion
*Laurie Neal ["Tomb of Dracula" vol. 2 #4] - mother of Angelica and wife of Frank; bitten then destroyed by Dracula
*Night Terror (Carl Blake) ["Ghost Rider Annual" vol. 3 #1] - former covert agent and mercenary; transformed into a vampire by Steppin' Razor; served as a host to Varnae; destroyed ["Blade: Vampire Hunter" vol. 2 #5]
*Emil Nikos ["Amazing Spider-Man" #101] - friend and co-worker of Morbius; killed by him after his transformation
*Nimrod ["Dracula Lives" #3] - also known as Nimrod the First; pseudo-vampire Lord; sent by Varnae to challenge Dracula; destroyed by Dracula
*Adri Nital ["Tomb of Dracula" #28] - son of Taj; transformed by Dracula as a young child and kept strapped to a bed in undead state; destroyed by villagers ["Tomb of Dracula" #32]
*Taj Nital ["Tomb of Dracula" #3] - former Vampire Hunter; father of Adri; throat was permanently damaged by a vampire bite making him mute; eventually killed Adri due to vampirism; later transformed into a vampire; destroyed ["Nightstalkers" #18]
*Nosferatu ["Bloodstone" #2] - a group of vampires who attempted to create a blood source for Pureblood vampires; kidnapped Dracula and Charles Barnabbas; plot foiled by Elsa Bloodstone
*Audra Pennington ["Dracula: Lord of the Undead" #2] - purchased Dracula’s possessions from Lilith; transformed by Dracula and forced to return his belongings
*Maria Petrella ["Dracula Lives" #8] - circa 1926; former agent of Nick Diablo; transformed by Dracula
*Jeff Phillipsissue
*Amber Piper ["Tomb of Dracula" vol. 2 #3] - artist who after being turned painted a picture of a crucifix to destroy herself ["Tomb of Dracula" vol. 2 #3]
*Ponce ["Marvel Preview" #3] - old enemy of Blade; member of the Legion of the Damned.
*Col. William Poprycz ["Captain America" vol. 3 #20] - fought during World War II in the 5th Infantry; captured by Baron Blood and convinced him to transform him; slaughtered his troops; destroyed ["Captain America" vol. 3 #21]
*Nina Price ["Amazing Fantasy" vol. 2 #10] - member of the SHIELD's Howling Commandos; daughter of Lissa Russell; she is a vampire-werewolf hybrid; also known as Vampire by Night.
*Purebloods ["Blade: Vampire Hunters" vol. 2 #2] - a race of vampires that are offspring of other purebloods rather than having been transformed; known Purebloods are Ancient, Charles Barnabus, Damien, Legride and Nosferatu.
*Liza Pyne ["Dracula Lives" #4] - former actress who was transformed by Dracula; destroyed by Raymond Coker ["Werewolf by Night" #19]
*Rank ["Blade: Vampire Hunter" vol. 2 #1] - ally of Blade; has never consumed human blood so his body is rotting.
*Xavier Rathissue
*Anton Rizzoli ["Dracula Lives" #9] - stole artifacts from Castle Dracula and sold them at an auction; defended him self from Dracula with a cross; was destroyed by Ursula Lensky under Dracula’s direction
*Roadkill ["Blaze" vol. 2 #10] - member of Undead MC
*Peter Roak ["Marvel Previews" #3] - member of the Legion of the Damned; destroyed
*Angie Rodgersissue
*Stephan Rookissue
*Lord Ruthven ["Vampire Tales" #1] - circa 18th Century
*Morgana St. Clair ["Vampire Tales" #11] - member of the Brotherhood of Judas; destroyed
*Yves St. Munroeissue
*Saracen ["Blade: Vampire Hunter" vol. 2 #1] - member of the Ancient; slept until the modern era when he was raised by Reaper.
*Henry Sage ["Marvel Team-Up" vol. 2 #7] - transformed by Dracula circa 1795; was injected with the Daywalker/Sun-walker formula; destroyed by Blade
*Serge ["Bizarre Adventures" #33] - agent of Varnae; destroyed by Dracula
*Andrea Simmonsissue
*Christopher Sinclair ["Union Jack" #1] - former anemic patient and friend of Ken Crichton; transformed by Baroness Blood but resisted her and allied with Union Jack (Joey Chapman); destroyed ["Union Jack" #3]
*Silas ["Blade" vol. 3 #7] - head of a gunrunning ring; was destroyed by Blade but reanimated when Blade unwittingly fulfilled a prophecy ["Blade" vol. 3 #12]
*Siobahn ["Namor Annual" #2] - an Irish woman, who is the former lover of Namor and later Baron Blood (John Falsworth) during World War II
*Hamilton Slade ["X-Men: Apocalypse vs. Dracula #1] - circa 1897, London; member of Clan Akkaba; transformed by Dracula; his head was teleported off his body by Ferguson ["X-Men: Apocalypse vs Dracula" #4]
*Ulysses Sojournerissue
*Steppin' Razor ["Blade: Vampire Hunter" #4] - former head of the Los Angeles Yardi drug operation; empowered Night Terror; former agent of Marie Laveau and Varnae; destroyed
*Brother Steven ["Strange Tales" vol. 4 #1] - leader of a cult that were enemies of Werewolf by Night.
*Tatjana Stiles ["Journey into Mystery" #520] - formerly of the CIA; captured and tortured by Navarro in order to gain information; transformed into a vampire by Hannibal King to prevent her from dying; uses her abilities against enemies of USA
*Gorna Storski ["Tomb of Dracula" #22]
*Lyza Strang ["Tomb of Dracula" #30] - circa 1862; directed Dracula to slay her husband so Otto von Bismarck would become Prime Minister of the German states; betrayed Dracula, but was later transformed by him; destroyed by Abraham van Helsing
*Ilsa Strangway ["Tomb of Dracula" #3] - middle-aged former actress and model; bartered the Black Mirror to Dracula in an attempt to regain her youth by becoming a vampire; allowed herself to be destroyed by Rachel van Helsing ["Tomb of Dracula" #3]
*Maria Terriziissue
*Tessa ["Marvel Comics Presents" #132] - fed on runaways; encountered Cloak & Dagger and was defeated and brought before Dr. Strange
*Aaron Thorne ["Blade: Vampire Hunter" #1] - follower of Varnae; leader of Bad Seed.
*Tituba ["Dracula Lives" #1] - circa 1691; a slave from the West Indies (Barbados); enamored by Dracula and sent to take vengeance among the people of Salem Massachusetts for the death of Charity Brown
*Topher ["Runaways" #7] - born in 1900; transformed as a teen; befriended by the Runaways; attempted to seduce Nico & Carolina; destroyed by the solar energy within Carolina
*Torgo ["Tomb of Dracula" #68] - former general in the army led against Attila the Hun; inadvertently buried alive; unearthed and transformed by a vampire hag that worked in a graveyard; destroyed by Dracula in a duel over leadership
*Tryks ["Blade" #1] - a powerful generation of vampires that feed on regular vamps; known Tryks are Cilla and Rowskis
*Turac ["Dracula Lives" #2] - circa 1459; a Turk who overthrew Dracula as a human; sent him to Lianda; later Dracula turns him into a vampire; he is destroyed by his daughter, ELianne upon discovering his condition
*Sir Winston Twindleissue
*Uathacht ["Conan the Barbarian" #44] - from the Hyborian era; one of original vampires created in Atlantis; destroyed by Conan
*Undead MC ["Blaze" vol. 2 #10] - a group of vampires who encounter Blaze.
*Federico Valencia ["Blade" #2] - transformed in the 15th century
*Vampz ["Blade: Vampire Hunter" #9] - twin siblings who served Marie Leveau
*Elisabeth van Helsing ["Dracula Lives" #3] - first wife of Abraham; turned into a vampire by the Children of Judas; destroyed by her husband
*Rachel van Helsing ["Tomb of Dracula" #3] - a former Vampire Hunter; raised by Quincy Harker after her parents were killed by vampires; allowed herself to be destroyed by Wolverine after becoming a vampire ["Uncanny X-Men Annual" #6]
*Count Varmaissue
*Varnae ["Bizarre Adventures" #33] - first Lord of the Vampires; passed power and title down to Dracula and died; revived in the modern age by Marie Laveau
*Varney ["Dr Strange" vol. 3 #15]
*Count Varnisissue
*Velanna ["Dracula Lives" #10] - circa 1809; transformed by Dracula; destroyed by her husband
*Darius Venginian ["Blade: Vampire Hunter" #1] - took control of Frank Dalton and later Spencer to control Silvereye
*Verdelet ["Midnight Sons Unlimited" #6] - heir of Varnae; destroyed
*Count Vicaroissue
*Anton Vierkin ["Vampire Tales" #8] - leader of the Legion of the Damned; destroyed ["Marvel Preview #3]
*Sophia von Heinifissue
*Isabel Vortok ["Dracula: Lord of the Undead" #1] - Transylvanian barmaid transformed by Dracula
*Countess Vryslaw ["Dracula Lives" #9] - circa the mid-19th century; transformed by Dracula, kept imprisoned for twenty years until discovered by Dracula; destroyed by her husband as he had a heart attack
*Wampyr ["Union Jack" #1] - servant of Baron Blood; destroyed ["Union Jack" #3]
*Wanda Warrenissue
*Mona Wellesissue
*Lucy Westenraissue
*Aldes Yanceyissue
*Yiki Onna ["Tomb of Dracula" vol. 4 #1] - an Asian snow vampires; killed the mother of Michiyo Watanabe; allied with Dracula during the Ritual of Ascendance
*Spider-Man ["Blade Volume 2" #1] - Turned into a vampire by Jamal Afari. His radiated blood, according to Blade, would kill the enzymes that turned him into a vampire, which appears to hold true, as Spider-Man appears unaffected by this encounter in all other Marvel appearances.


*"Special note: "Only true vampires possessed the listed vulnerabilities, since their supernatural nature originated within the pages of the Darkhold. Individuals such as the vigilante Michael Morbius, often referred to as "The Living Vampire", and the undead mercenary known as Bloodscream were immune to them since they're referred to as pseudo-vampires. They possess many vampiric qualities, including appearance and many similar superhuman abilities, but have none of the special vulnerabilities because the origins of these abilities had nothing to do with the magic found within the Darkhold.

*"Special Note:" The Vampires in the Blade Movie series, and TV Series, are very different from the Vampires in traditional Marvel Universe, considering they are based on semi-scientific premises, based around a Virus, and how this Virus has mutated the Infected, into another Species of Human, and the Progenitor of the Vampire Race is Drake AKA Dracula, as stated in Blade: Trinity. Also, in the TV Series, Blade's mother possessed telekinesis.


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