:"For the skipper butterfly genus, see Aethilla (butterfly)".

Aethilla (Greek: polytonic|Αἴθιλλα or polytonic|Αἴθυλλα) was a daughter of Laomedon and sister of Priam, Astyoche, and Medesicaste. [Citation
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] After the fall of Troy she became the prisoner of Protesilaus, who took her, together with other captives, with him on his voyage home. He landed in Thrace in order to take in fresh water. While Protesilaus had gone inland, Aethilla persuaded her fellow prisoners to set fire to the ships. This was done and all remained on the spot and founded the town of Scione. [John Tzetzes, "ad Lycophr." 921, 1075] [Conon, "Narrat." 13] [Stephanus of Byzantium, "s.v." polytonic|Σκιώνη]




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