Nicomachus (father of Aristotle)

Nicomachus (father of Aristotle)

Nicomachus (Greek: Νικόμαχος), lived c. 375 BC, was the father of Aristotle.

The Suda states that he was a doctor descended from Nicomachus, son of Machaon the son of Asclepius.[1] Greenhill notes he had another son named Arimnestus, and a daughter named Arimneste, by his wife Phaestis, or Phaestias, who was also descended from Aesculapius.[who?][clarification needed] He was a native of Stageira, and the friend and physician of Amyntas III, king of Macedonia, 393-369 BC.[2]

Aristotle's son was also called Nicomachus.


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