Parkari Koli language

Parkari Koli language

Infobox Language
name = Parkari Koli
states = Sindh province, Pakistan
speakers = 250,000 (1995)
iso3 = kvx
familycolor = Indo-European
fam1 = Indo-European
fam2 = Indo-Iranian
fam3 = Indo-Aryan
fam4 = Central Indo-Aryan
fam5 = Gujarati
fam15 = Parkari Koli

The Parkari Koli language (sometimes called just "Parkari") is a language mainly spoken in the province of Sindh, Pakistan.


The orthography was standardized in 1983-84 and used from 1985 onward. It's based on the Sindhi alphabet with three additional letters: ۮ, representing a voiced dental implosive, ۯ, representing a retroflex lateral approximant, and ۿ, representing a voiced glottal fricative. These letters all use an inverted V as the diacritical mark because Sindhi already makes frequent use of dots.

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