Du (surname)

Du (surname)
Family name
Region of origin China

Du (Chinese: ; pinyin: ; Wade–Giles: Tu) is a Chinese family name. The name is spelled Tu in Taiwan. In Hong Kong it is translated as To, the pronunciation of 杜 in Cantonese. The Vietnamese equivalent surname is Đỗ.

Du is ranked as the 129th surname in Hundred Family Surnames, and is 47th surname in China according to a 2006 census.


Origin and Branch

Du ancestors are known as the Tangdu. The Tangdu resided south east of Xi'an in Shaanxi province. The Fan and Du clans share a common ancestor.



  • Du Fu (杜甫)(712–770)
  • Du Yan (杜淹) (d. 628)
  • Du Yu (杜预) officer in Jin Dynasty
  • Du Ruhui (杜如晦) (585-630), nephew of Du Yan
  • Du Mu (杜牧) a poet in the Tang dynasty
  • Du Fuwei (杜伏威)
  • Soon Ja Du


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