Alternative press (U.S. political left)

Alternative press (U.S. political left)

Under the broad heading of the alternative press are several subcategories including periodicals published by groups, movements, or individuals affiliated with the U.S. political left. As the word press implies, these are printed publications, as opposed to electronic forms of alternative media.

A large number of alternative and radical publications are indexed in the [ Alternative Press Index] published by the Alternative Press Center, which also maintains a [ list of these periodicals browsable online] .


*"The Activist" [ (available online)] (from the Young Democratic Socialists)
*"AdBusters" (a Canadian magazine)
*"Against the Current", bi-monthly journal published by the group, Solidarity (US) (no relation to Polish organization Solidarność))
*"Clamor Magazine"
*"The Crisis" (from the NAACP)
*"Extra!" (from FAIR)
*"Grist Magazine"
*"International Socialist Review" [ (available online)] (from the International Socialist Organization)
*"In These Times" [ (available online)]
*"Left Turn Magazine" [ (available online)]
*"Monthly Review"
*"Mother Jones"
*"New Internationalist"
*"New Politics"
*"Political Affairs Magazine"
*"The Progressive"
*"Communist Manifesto Weekly" [ (available online)]
*"Socialism and Liberation", [ (available online)] , monthly magazine of the Party for Socialism and Liberation
*"Yes! Magazine"
*"Z Magazine" [ (available online)]

No longer published

*"Crossroads", editorial board containing members of C of C, DSA, ex-SWP, ex-NCM and others. Published 1991 -1996.
*"Fourth International" [ (available online)] . Socialist Workers Party. Published 1940 - 1945.
*"The Liberator" [ (available online)] Monthly culture and politics paper, founded by Max Eastman as successor to "The Masses".
* "The Masses". Published 1911 - 1917.
*"New Left Notes," Students for a Democratic Society. Published vol. 1 #1 1965 - vol. 4 # 31 Oct 2/1969.
*"Ramparts" (1962–1975)
*"Win," New York, late 1960s-early 70s.


National newspapers

*"Burning Spear" [ (available online)] newspaper of the African People's Socialist Party
*"Challenge" [ (available online)] biweekly paper of the Progressive Labor Party
*"Democratic Left" [ (available online)] quarterly publication of the Democratic Socialists of America
*"Fight Back!" [ (available online)] paper associated with Freedom Road Socialist Organization
*"Freedom Socialist" [ (available online)] bimonthly newspaper of the Freedom Socialist Party
*"Green Pages" [ (available online)] the quarterly newspaper of the Green Party of the United States
*"Industrial Worker" ( [ web page] ; the publication itself is not available online) - monthly newspaper of the Industrial Workers of the World (Wobblies)
*"The Indypendent" [ (available online)] biweekly paper published by the New York City Independent Media Center
*"Justice!" [ (available online)] bimonthy paper of Socialist Alternative (US))
*"The Militant" [ (available online)] weekly paper of the Socialist Workers Party
*"MIM Notes" [ (available online)] monthly paper of the Maoist International Movement
*"News and Letters" [ (available online)] bimonthly paper of the News and Letters Committees
*"The People" [ (available online)] bimonthly paper of the Socialist Labor Party
*"People's Tribune" [ (available online)] monthly paper of the Communist League, Communist Labor Party and the League of Revolutionaries for a New America
*"People's Weekly World" [ (available online)] the current weekly paper of the Communist Party USA
*"Revolution: Voice of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA" [ (available online)] weekly paper of the RCP. Continues "Revolutionary Worker".
*"The Socialist" [ (available online)] bi-monthly paper of the Socialist Party USA
*"Socialist Worker" [ (available online)] weekly paper of the International Socialist Organization
*"Workers Vanguard" [ (available online)] , biweekly paper of the Spartacist League
*"Workers World" [ (PDF available online)] weekly paper of the Workers World Party

No longer published

*"The Call" daily paper of the Socialist Party of America (1908 - 1923)
*"The Class Struggle" [ (available online)] monthly paper of the Communist League of Struggle (1931 - 1937)
*"The Crusader" monthly magazine of the African Blood Brotherhood (1918 - 1922)
*"Daily Worker" daily paper of the Communist Party USA (1924 - 1957)
*"Grass Roots" (National Publication for the Peoples' Parties)
*"Hammer and Sickle" (League for Proletarian Revolution)
*"PM (newspaper)"
*"Guardian" New York City (defunct since 1992); unrelated to "The Guardian" UK newspaper.
*"The Black Panther" (newspaper of the Black Panther Party)
*"War Times" [ (available online)]
*"R.P.M." (Detroit Organizing Committee)
*"Workers' Power" paper of the International Socialists (ceased publication 1986 [?] )

Labor newspapers

*"Criterion" (UAW Local 961)
*"Industrial Worker" [ (available online)] published 10 times per year by Industrial Workers of the World
*"Labor Notes" [ (available online)] monthly paper published by Labor Education & Research Project
*"Region Two Observer" (Michigan Education Association)
*"Seattle Union Record" [ (available online)] daily paper published by the Pacific Northwest Newspaper Guild during Seattle Times and Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper strike. November 2000 - January 2001.
*"UE News" ( [ available online)] monthly paper of the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America

No longer published

*"The Labor Herald" monthly publication of the Trade Union Educational League (1921 - 1929)
*"Plaindealer" published by the Wichita Trade and Labor Assembly. (1920 - 1930)
*"Portland Labor Press" published by Central Labor Council of Portland, Oregon (1900 - 1915).
*"Seattle Union Record" [ (history article online)] . Daily labor paper of Central Labor council of Seattle (1899 - 1928).
*"Voice of the People" Tucson, Arizona. 1910 - 1911. [cite web
last = Sweeny
first = Michael S.
title = The Strangled Shout of the "Voice of the People": Editor Frank Harris Blighton and his Mentor E.W. Scripps.
accessdate = 2006-10-09
*"Worker's Chronicle" Pittsburg, Kansas (1914 - 1923).

Local political newspapers

*"Changeover" (Motor City Labor League)
*"Closer to It" (Akron, Ohio)
*"El Gallo: La Voz de la Justicia" (Denver, Colorado)
*"Inner City Voice" (Sauti) - (Detroit, Michigan)
*"The Journey" (MCLL & Control, Conflict, Change Book Club)
*"People's Voice" (Detroit, Michigan)
*"The Southern Patriot" (Southern Conference Educational Fund)
*"Third Coast Press" (Chicago, Illinois)
*"Knoxville Voice" (Knoxville, Tennessee)


*"CounterPunch" - Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair

No longer published

*"I.F. Stone's Weekly" - I.F. Stone.
*"In Fact" - George Seldes.
*"New Options" - Mark Satin.

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* [ Tamiment Library Boxed Newspapers 1873-, (Bulk 1960-1990)] . 150 linear feet (300 boxes). Retrieved August 23 2006.


*Kelling, Karla. [ The Labor and Radical Press 1820-the Present: An Overview and Bibliography] . Retrieved August 13 2005.
* [ The IPA’s Domino Effect:The Enron of Indie Media Leaves Publications in a Pinch] The Indypendent, Chris Anderson, January 10 2007

Websites with research materials on alternative (print) press

* [ Alternative Press Center] Publisher of "Alternative Press Index", a guide to independent left publications, since 1969.
* [ Kansas Labor Newspapers]
* [ The Labor Press Project] a [ Pacific Northwest Labor History Project] of the [ Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies] at the University of Washington. Retrieved August 13 2005.


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