Master of the Buckhounds

Master of the Buckhounds

The Master of the Buckhounds was an officer in the Master of the Horse's department of the British Royal Household. The holder was also His/Her Majesty's Representative at Ascot. It was a political office, so the holder, who was always a nobleman, changed with every change of government. The office was abolished by the Civil List Act 1901. (A buckhound is smaller than a staghound and used for coursing the smaller breeds of deer, especially fallow deer.)

Masters of the (Privy) Buckhounds

The Privy Buckhounds were created in 1536 to provide for a hunting pack overseen by a Royal appointee rather than a hereditary officer.

Hereditary Masters of the Buckhounds

The "hereditary" mastership appears to have been a serjeanty associated with the Manor of Little Weldon. It was held in the Brocas family until 1633, when it was sold to the Watson family.

  • Osborne Lovel (temp. Hen. I)
  • William Lovel
  • Hamon le Venour
  • William Lovel
  • John Lovel (d. 1316)
  • Thomas de Borhunte (d. 1340)
  • William Danvers (d. 1361)
  • Sir Bernard Brocas (d. 1395)
  • Sir Bernard Brocas (d. 1400)
  • William Brocas (d. 1456)
  • William Brocas (d. 1484)
  • John Brocas (d. 1492)
  • William Brocas (d. 1506)
  • George Warham and Ralph Pexsall (1512–1514)
  • Ralph Pexsall (d. 1540)
  • Sir Richard Pexsall (d. 1571)
  • Sir John Savage (until 1584)
  • Sir Pexsall Brocas (d. 1630)
  • Thomas Brocas (until 1633)
  • Lewis Watson, 1st Baron Rockingham (d. 1653)
  • Edward Watson, 2nd Baron Rockingham (d. 1689)
  • Lewis Watson, 1st Earl of Rockingham (until 1706)

The pack of the Hereditary Master was merged with that of the Privy Master in 1706 and the office ceased.


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