Elaine (given name)

Elaine (given name)

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Elaine is a given name, and may refer to:

In television and film:

* Elaine Benes, "Seinfeld" character
* Elaine (EastEnders), "EastEnders" character
* Elaine Hendrix (born 1970), American actress
* Elaine Paige (born 1948), English actress and singer

In fiction:

* Elaine (legend), several Arthurian-legend characters
* Elaine Marley, "Monkey Island" character
* Elayne Trakand, "Wheel of Time" character
* Elaine Liu, "Business 15-girl program" character

In other fields:

* Elaine Brown, involved with a dispute with the US Government
* Elaine Chao (born 1953), United States Secretary of Labor
* Elaine Atkinson, Christian convert to Islam who works for Minhaj-ul-Quran
* Elaine Riddick Jessie (born c. 1954), woman who underwent forced sterilization.
* Elaine E Moura, Brazilian football (soccer) player
* Elaine Hamilton-O'Neal (born 1920), American artist
* Elaine Giles - Admitted Softwarelitus schizophrenic

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