36th Canadian Parliament

36th Canadian Parliament

The 36th Canadian Parliament was in session from September 22, 1997 until October 22, 2000. The membership was set by the 1997 federal election on June 2, 1997, and it changed only somewhat due to resignations and by-elections until it was dissolved prior to the 2000 election.

It was controlled by a Liberal Party majority under Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and the 26th Canadian Ministry. The Official Opposition was first the Reform Party, led by Preston Manning, and then its successor party, the Canadian Alliance led by interim leader Deborah Grey.

The Speaker was Gilbert Parent. See also list of Canadian electoral districts 1996-2003 for a list of the ridings in this parliament.

For the first time in Canadian history, five different parties held official party status. Although five major parties ran for the 35th Parliament, the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada and the New Democratic Party both failed to win official party status in that parliament.

There were two sessions of the 36th Parliament:

Prince Edward Island

:* Angela Vautour left the New Democratic Party to join the Progressive Conservative Party in 1999.


:* On March 26, 2000 all members of the Reform Party of Canada switched to the new Canadian Alliance.


:* On March 26, 2000 all members of the Reform Party of Canada switched to the new Canadian Alliance.:** Jim Hart resigned his seat so that new Canadian Alliance leader Stockwell Day could run in a by-election to win a seat in the House.:*** Sharon Hayes resigned from parliament to care for her ailing husband, and was replaced by Lou Sekora after a 1998 byelection.

Northern Territories


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