South African Institutional Repositories

South African Institutional Repositories

Institutional repositories provide online access to full text information and multimedia files. In general, open access is provided to the full text files linked to the entries. Institutional repositories emerged to address the challenge facing most organizations, namely the management of and access to the vast number of knowledge artifacts, ranging from journal articles, research reports, books, research papers, and conference papers to ad hoc explicit records in electronic formats. All of these require effective management, preservation, and curation for efficient retrieval to facilitate the sharing of scientific knowledge. One of the expectations of the international scientific and research community is to be able to monitor and share information among peers. Although organizations are expected and required to be able and willing to provide other bodies with the access required after they have implemented their own repository, it remains a voluntary service. It is however, required that international copyright laws are honored by the individual authors and the institutions implementing a repository service. Authorisation to include items should either be verified against the [ Sherpa/Romeo] list or else, obtained from the copyright holder.

South African research organizations and academic institutions have joined the global drive of making knowledge available in a free and open manner. The drive within South Africa is gaining momentum as more academic institutions and research organizations are starting to participate.In the spirit of cooperation and sharing, this list of repositories provides an entry point to the wealth of information located in South African Repositories.


External links

[ CSIR Research Space ] provides access to some of the research outputs generated by CSIR scientists.

[ ReRR ] provides access to some of the research output generated bythe Rhodes University community.

[ UPSpace ] provides access to some of the research outputs generated by researchers at the University of Pretoria.

[ UWC Theses Online ] The University of the Western Cape electronic theses and dissertations repository holds full-text theses submitted for degree purposes since 2004, with selected titles prior to 2004.

[ SUN Institutional Repository] provides access to recent theses and disertations from Stellenbosch University.

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