Toronto District School Board

Toronto District School Board
Toronto District School Board
Toronto District School Board Logo.svg
Board office location Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Board identifier B66052
Number of schools 451 elementary schools
102 secondary schools
5 adult education schools[1]
2007-2008 budget (CAD $ millions) $2,543.8 [1]
Number of students 188,304 elementary students
87,273 high school students
14,000 adult students[2]
Chair of the Board Chris Bolton
Director of Education Chris Spence[3]
The TDSB Education Centre, located at 5050 Yonge Street, is the headquarters of the Toronto District School Board.

Toronto District School Board, also known by the acronym TDSB, is the English-language public school board for Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The minority public francophone (Conseil scolaire Viamonde), English Catholic (Toronto Catholic District School Board), and French Catholic (Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud) communities of Toronto also have their own publicly funded school boards and schools that operate in the same area, but which are independent of the TDSB. Its headquarters are in North York.[4]



The TDSB board was created in 1998 following the merger of the school boards of York, East York, North York, Scarborough, Etobicoke, as well as the Toronto and Metropolitan Toronto Public School Boards.

The head office moved from the old Toronto Public Board of Education office at 155 College Street to the 5050 Yonge Street location, adjacent to Mel Lastman Square. Prior to the 1998 amalgamation of Metropolitan Toronto, the building was occupied by the North York Board of Education.


The TDSB is the largest school board in Canada[5] and the 4th largest in North America.[citation needed]

There are more than 250,000 students [6] in nearly 600 schools within the TDSB. Of these schools, 451 offer elementary education, 102 offer secondary level education, and there are five adult day schools. The TDSB has 16 alternative elementary schools as well as 20 alternative secondary schools. TDSB has approximately 31,000 permanent and 8,000 temporary staff, which includes 10,000 elementary school teachers and 5,800 at the secondary level.[2]

Dr. Christopher Spence, the former Director of the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board and a former teacher in the TDSB system took office[7] as the new Director on July 1, 2009. He was preceded by Gerry Connelly.

The school board's organizational mission is "to enable all students to reach high levels of achievement and to acquire the knowledge, skills, and values they need to become responsible members of a democratic society."[8]

Parent and Community involvement occurs at all levels of the school board system, from parental involvement at local schools, the involvement of local organizations at the school level and formal advisory committees at the Board level.[9]

There has also been an effort to include more student involvement in the Toronto District School Board. The "Super Council" is an organization which acts as a student council for the entire board.[10] There has also been an attempt to place student input in the TDSB's Equity Department through the second, and last, board-wide student group: Students Working Against Great Injustice.[11] Both groups have put together various events and have had much success in giving input towards the decisions of the Board.[12]


Ward Trustee Ward Name
Ward 1 John Hastings Etobicoke North
Ward 2 Chris Glover Etobicoke Centre
Ward 3 Pamela Gough Etobicoke—Lakeshore
Ward 4 Stephnie Payne York West
Ward 5 Howard Kaplan York Centre
Ward 6 Chris Tonks York South—Weston
Ward 7 Irene Atkinson Parkdale—High Park
Ward 8 Howard Goodman Eglinton—Lawrence
Ward 9 Maria Rodrigues Davenport
Ward 10 Chris Bolton Trinity—Spadina
Ward 11 Shelley Laskin St. Paul's
Ward 12 Mari Rutka Willowdale
Ward 13 Gerri Gershon Don Valley West
Ward 14 Sheila Ward Toronto Centre
Ward 15 Cathy Dandy Toronto—Danforth
Ward 16 Sheila Cary-Meagher Beaches—East York
Ward 17 Michael Coteau Don Valley East
Ward 18 Elizabeth Moyer Scarborough Southwest
Ward 19 David Smith Scarborough Centre
Ward 20 Soo Wong Scarborough—Agincourt
Ward 21 Shaun Chen Scarborough—Rouge River
Ward 22 Jerry Chadwick Scarborough East
Student Trustee Hirad Zafari
Student Trustee Jenny Williams



Disciplinary cases

Since the establishment of the Toronto District School Board in 1998, the Ontario College of Teachers had publicly released detailed information about disciplinary cases with incidences dating back to the 1960s. The Discipline Committee held public hearing into allegations of professional misconduct and incompetence against twenty-one Toronto District School Board Teachers up until 2006. Many of the cases involved physical, sexual and psychological abuse against students. All twenty-one Teachers had their Certificates of Qualification and Registration revoked. Some of the cases involved criminal charges, with jails terms against teachers in addition to the disciplinary action from the teachers college. [2] [3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21][22][23]

Ethnic origins

On November 14, 2005, the Ontario Human Rights Commission reached a settlement with the Toronto District School Board following a Commission-initiated complaint against the Board in July 2005. On July 7, 2005 the Ontario Human Rights Commission initiated a complaint against the Toronto District School Board in the public interest and on behalf of racialized students and students with disabilities alleging that the application of the Safe Schools Act and the Toronto District School Board’s policies on discipline are having a disproportionate impact on racial minority students and students with disabilities. The complaint alleges that the TDSB had failed to meet its duty to accommodate racialized students and students with disabilities in the application of discipline, including providing adequate alternative education services for racial minority students and students with disabilities who are suspended or expelled and that the above amounts to a failure on the part of the TDSB to provide equal access to education services and that this constitutes discrimination and contravenes sections 1, 11 and 9 of the Ontario Human Rights Code. The TDSB accepts and acknowledges a widespread perception that the application of Ontario’s school disciplinary legislation, regulations and policies can have a discriminatory effect on students from racialized communities and students with disabilities and further exacerbate their already disadvantaged position in society.[24][25]

In 2005, controversy erupted when the TDSB's Board Chair Sheila Ward and Executive Officer of Student and Community Equity, Lloyd McKell, spoke in favour of “Black-focused schools”.[14][15] The proposal brought about a media backlash, as many interpreted this as a "Black-only" school. After long and sometimes raucous debate, the proposal for an Afrocentric school was adopted and registration began.[16] Similar controversy had taken place in the North York Board of Education in the 1980s when the board attempted to turn Georges Vanier Secondary School into a black-only school. [26]

School board issues

In 2002, the Government of Ontario stripped all power and authority from the school board trustees because they failed to balance the board's budget. Paul Christie was appointed by the province to serve as supervisor of the Toronto District School Board, with authority for all financial and administrative functions of the Board. This allowed Christie to supersede the authority of elected school trustees. The provincial government argued that the appointment was necessary, as the TDSB had not submitted a budget to the Ontario Minister of Education as legally required. Representatives of the TDSB claimed that they could not find the necessary operating expenses for the year, given provincial regulations which prohibited deficit spending. Christie balanced the TDSB's budget through a dramatic spending reduction of $90 million. Under his watch, the TDSB eliminated many secretarial positions, phased out school-community advisors, reduced the number of vice-principals, cut outdoor education and adult education, and re-evaluated the position of social workers in the system. Christie's staff reports were not made public, and some critics argued that there were no adequate checks or balances on his authority.[17] In 2007, again due to alleged mismanagement by the trustees, the board will try to submit a budget with a deficit of $84 million. [27]

In December 2001, a $70 million class-action lawsuit was filed against the Toronto District School Board on behalf of the parents of special needs students who were sent home during the boards support workers strike in April 2001. The suit claimed that 27,000 special needs students were discriminated against on the basis of their disabilities because they were sent home during the month long strike while the schools stayed open for their able-bodied counterparts. The claims were based on the fact that they weren’t permitted to go to school and missed a month of school while everyone else was able to go. The suit also claimed that the Toronto District School Board should stop treating special needs students as lesser students. The four-week strike, led by 13,000 support workers ended in early May 2001.[18]

In 2001, Toronto School Board Trustee Sam Basra was convicted of Immigration Act charges and was forced under the Education Act to resign his seat. He pleaded guilty in August 2001 to selling fake offers of employment to potential immigrants for US$1,500.00 each. This came to light after being tipped by a former employee, police raided Basra's paralegal firm and found 250 false letters of employment. In March 2001 Arjan Singh launched a $15 million lawsuit against Basra alleging that while doing paralegal work, Basra forged documents to make him think his rights case was active more than a year after it was closed. After much infighting among the trustees and display of lack of leadership from then Chair of the Board Donna Cansfield to make an appointment to fill the vacant trustee seat left by Basra, a by-election was called for April 2002 costing the board $160,000.00. Stan Nemiroff defeated former Mayor of Etobicoke Bruce Sinclair in the by-election to become the new Ward 1 trustee representing Etobicoke North.[28][29][30][31]

High schools

Name Location Dates Students Notes Image
ALPHA II Alternative School Bloor and Dufferin Alternative school
A. Y. Jackson Secondary School Hillcrest Village Founded 1970 1214 A. Y. Jackson Secondary School (Toronto).jpg
Agincourt Collegiate Institute Agincourt Founded 1915 1356 Agincourt Collegiate Institute.JPG
Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute Brimwood Founded 1976 2600 Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute.JPG
Alternative Scarborough Education 1 Bendale 139 Alternative school
Avondale Elementary & Secondary Alternative Willowdale 82 Alternative school
Bathurst Heights Secondary School Bathurst Heights Closed, today John Polanyi Collegiate Insititute John Polanyi Collegiate Insititute.jpg
Bendale Business & Technical Institute Bendale 572 To be merged with David and Mary Thomson Collegiate Institute[19]
Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute Birch Cliff 1335 Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute.JPG
Bloor Collegiate Institute Dufferin Grove Founded 1925 522 Bloor Collegiate Institute.jpg
C. W. Jefferys Collegiate Institute Northwood Park 834
Cedarbrae Collegiate Institute Cedarbrae Founded 1961 1267 Cedarbrae Collegiate Institute.JPG
Central Commerce Collegiate Palmerston-Little Italy Founded 1916 667 Central Commerce Collegiate.jpg
Central Etobicoke High School Richview 304 Alternative school Central Etobicoke High School.JPG
Central Technical School Bathurst and Harbord Founded 1915 1785 Central Technical School.JPG
City School Harbourfront Founded 1979 96 Alternative school
Contact Alternative School University and Dundas 225 Alternative school
Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute The Danforth Founded 1923 1092 Danforth Collegiate.JPG
David and Mary Thomson Collegiate Institute Bendale Founded 1958 1180 David and Mary Thomson Collegiate Institute.JPG
Delphi Secondary Alternative School Agincourt 133 Alternative school
Don Mills Collegiate Institute Don Mills Founded 1959 1025 DMCIPhoto.jpg
Downsview Secondary School Downsview Founded 1955 578
Dr Norman Bethune Collegiate Institute Agincourt Founded 1979 1284 Dr Norman Bethune Collegiate Institute.JPG
Drewry Secondary School Newtonbrook 145 Special needs school Drewry Secondary School.JPG
Earl Haig Secondary School Willowdale Founded 1929 2026 EHSS Outside.jpg
East York Alternative Secondary School Old East York 110 Alternative school
East York Collegiate Institute Old East York Founded 1927 1650 East York Collegiate.JPG
Eastdale Collegiate Institute Riverdale 219 Eastdale Collegiate Institute.JPG
Eastern Commerce Collegiate Institute The Danforth Founded 1925 574 Also home to Subway Academy I Eastern Commerce Collegiate.JPG
Emery Collegiate Institute Emery 901
Etobicoke Collegiate Institute Etobicoke Founded 1928 1311 Etobicoke Collegiate Institute.JPG
Etobicoke School of the Arts The Queensway Founded 1981 866 Arts school Etobicoke School of the Arts.jpg
Etobicoke Year-Round Alternative Centre Eatonville 49 Alternative school
Forest Hill Collegiate Institute Forest Hill Founded 1946 885 Forest Hill Collegiate Institute.JPG
Frank Oke Secondary School Mount Dennis 169 Special needs school Frank Oke Secondary School.JPG
George Harvey Collegiate Institute Keelesdale 792 George Harvey Collegiate Institute.JPG
George S. Henry Academy Graydon Hall 822
Georges Vanier Secondary School Don Valley Village 793 Georges Vanier Secondary.JPG
Greenwood Secondary School East Danforth Founded 1965 226 English as a second language school Greenwood Secondary School.JPG
Harbord Collegiate Institute Harbord Village Founded 1892 976 Harbord CI.JPG
Heydon Park Secondary School Baldwin Village Founded 1962 178 All girls school Heydon Park Secondary School.JPG
Humberside Collegiate Institute High Park North Founded 1892 1040 Humberside Collegiate Institute.JPG
Inglenook Community High School Corktown 99 Alternative school Inglebrook School.jpg
Jarvis Collegiate Institute Jarvis and Wellesley Founded 1807 1099 First public secondary school in Toronto Jarvis CI.JPG
John Polanyi Collegiate Insititute Bathurst Heights 2011 Specialized in apprenticeship programs John Polanyi Collegiate Insititute.jpg
Keiller Mackay Collegiate Institute Etobicoke 1971–1981 Closed Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School.JPG
Kipling Collegiate Institute Richview Founded 1960 689 Kipling Collegiate Institute.JPG
L'Amoreaux Collegiate Institute L'Amoreaux Founded 1973 917 L'Amoreaux Collegiate Institute.JPG
Lakeshore Collegiate Institute New Toronto 887 Lakeshore Collegiate Institute.jpg
Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute Lawrence Park Founded 1936 943 Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute.JPG
Leaside High School Leaside Founded 1945 965 Leaside High School.JPG
Lester B. Pearson Collegiate Institute Malvern 1132 Lester B. Pearson Collegiate Institute.JPG
Malvern Collegiate Institute Upper Beaches Founded 1903 996 Malvern Collegiate.JPG
Maplewood High School West Hill 265 Special needs school Maplewood High School.JPG
Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute (formerly Overlea Collegiate) Flemingdon Park Founded 1973 1823 Marc Garneau Collegiate Inst.JPG
Martingrove Collegiate Institute Etobicoke Founded 1966 1161
Midland Avenue Collegiate Institute Scarborough Junction 1961–2000 Closed Bond College of Business and Technology.JPG
Monarch Park Collegiate East Danforth Founded 1964 784 Monarch Park Collegiate.JPG
Nelson A. Boylen Collegiate Institute Downsview 370
Newtonbrook Secondary School Newtonbrook Founded 1964 1247 Newtonbrook Secondary School.JPG
North Albion Collegiate Institute Rexdale, Toronto Founded 1962 1098 Nalbion.jpg
North East Year-Round Alternative Centre Don Valley Village 23 Alternative school
North Toronto Collegiate Institute North Toronto Founded 1910 952 North Toronto Collegiate Institute.JPG
Northern Secondary School North Toronto Founded 1930 1733 Northern Secondary, Toronto.JPG
Northview Heights Secondary School Branson Founded 1957 1190 Northview Heights Secondary School.JPG
Oakwood Collegiate Institute Oakwood Founded 1908 793 Oakwood Collegiate Institute.JPG
Oasis Alternative Secondary School King and Spadina 111 Alternative school
Overflow Centre Bendale 83
Parkdale Collegiate Institute Parkdale, Toronto Founded 1888 635 IB World Parkdale Colleiate Institute.JPG
R. H. King Academy Cliffcrest Founded 1922 1234 RH King Academy.JPG
Richview Collegiate Institute Richview Founded 1958 912
Riverdale Collegiate Institute Riverdale Founded 1907 1200 Riverdale CI From Jones (Phone).jpg
Rosedale Heights School of the Arts Rosedale Building formerly Castle Frank High School 957 Arts school Rosedale Heights School of the Arts.JPG
Runnymede Collegiate Institute Runnymede Founded 1927 555 Runnymede Collegiate Institute.JPG
Satec at W.A.Porter Collegiate Clairlea 1143 Technology focused school Satec at WA Porter Collegiate.JPG
SEED School Riverdale Founded 1968 50 Alternative school
Scarborough Centre for Alternative Studies Markham and 401 185
Scarlett Heights Entrepreneurial Academy Richview, Toronto 534 Entrepreneurship based Scarlett Heights Entrepreneurial Academy.JPG
School of Experiential Education Etobicoke Founded 1971 71 Alternative school School of Experiential Education.JPG
School of Life Experience East Danforth 171 Alternative school
Silverthorn Collegiate Institute Etobicoke Founded 1966 1171
Sir John A. Macdonald Collegiate Institute Agincourt Founded 1963 1329 Sir John A Macdonald Collegiate Institute.JPG
Sir Oliver Mowat Collegiate Institute West Hill Founded 1970 1128
Sir Robert L. Borden Business and Technical Institute West Hill 689
Sir Sandford Fleming Academy Lawrence Manor 379 Closing June 2011 and replaced by John Polanyi Collegiate Institute in September 2011
Sir Wilfrid Laurier Collegiate Institute Guildwood Founded 1965 1350 Sir Wilfrid Laurier Collegiate Institute, Scarborough.jpg
Sir William Osler High School Agincourt 303 Technical school Sir William Osler High School.JPG
South-East Year-Round Alternative Centre Scarborough Junction 53 Alternative school
Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute Tam O'Shanter 887 Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute.JPG
Subway Academy I The Pocket 178 Alternative school
Subway Academy II Baldwin Village Founded 1976 73 Alternative school Subway Academy Two.JPG
The Student School High Park North Founded 1979 139 Alternative school Ursula Franklin Academy.jpg
Thistletown Collegiate Institute Rexdale Founded 1957 729 Thistletown Collegiate Institute.jpg
Timothy Eaton Business and Technical Institute L'Amoreaux Closed 2009 357 Closed at end of 2009 school year[20] Timothy Eaton Business and Technical Institute.JPG
Ursula Franklin Academy High Park North Founded 1995 512 Special teaching program Ursula Franklin Academy.jpg
Vaughan Road Academy Oakwood-Vaughan Founded 1927 706 I.B. World School, INTERACT Program Vaughan road academy mon.jpeg
Victoria Park Collegiate Institute Parkwoods, Toronto Founded 1960 1341 I. B. World School Vicparkflag.jpg
Vincent Massey Collegiate Institute Etobicoke 1961–1985 Closed, today Michael Power-St. Joseph High School
West End Alternative School Korea Town 137 Alternative school
West Hill Collegiate Institute West Hill Founded 1955 1190
West Humber Collegiate Institute Smithfield Founded 1966 980 West Humber Collegiate Institute.JPG
West Toronto Collegiate Dufferin Grove Founded 1972 376 Closed West Toronto Collegiate.jpg
Western Technical-Commercial School High Park North Founded 1927 991 Also home to Ursula Franklin Academy and The Student School Ursula Franklin Academy.jpg
Weston Collegiate Institute Weston Founded 1857 1234 I.B. World School
Westview Centennial Secondary School Jane and Finch Founded 1967 1176
Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts Wexford Founded 1965 1139 Arts school Wexford Collegiate Institute.JPG
William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute Bathurst Manor Founded 1960 1110 MaCS Program (Science, Math, Computers & English enriched program) / Gifted Program Mackenzie school1.JPG
Winston Churchill Collegiate Institute Dorset Park Founded 1953 1021 Winston Churchill Collegiate Institute.JPG
Woburn Collegiate Institute Woburn Founded 1963 1408
Year Round Alternative School Lawrence Heights 44
York Humber High School Weston 189 Special needs school
York Memorial Collegiate Institute Keelesdale Founded 1929 1121 York Memo Coll.JPG
York Mills Collegiate Institute York Mills Founded 1957 1187 York Mills Collegiate.JPG

Garages and offices

  • 5050 Yonge Street TDSB Education Centre (Former North York Board of Education Office)
  • 140 Borough Drive TDSB Education Centre (Former Scarborough Board of Education Office)
  • 1 Civic Center TDSB Education Centre (Former Etobicoke Board of Education Office)
  • 555 Mortimer Avenue (R.H. McGregor P.S.) TDSB Education Center (Former East York Board of Education Office)
  • 2 Trethewey Drive (York Memorial C.I.) TDSB Education Office (Former York Board of Education Office)
  • Shorting Road TDSB East Maintenance, Garage, and Storage Center
  • McCulloch Avenue TDSB West Maintenance, Garage, and Storage Center
  • Tippett Road TDSB West Warehouse
  • Eastern Avenue TDSB East Warehouse
  • Oakburn Cresent TDSB Oakburn Centre and Garage

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