Hatsuharu class destroyer

Hatsuharu class destroyer

The "Hatsuharu" class destroyers were a class of destroyers in the service of the Japanese Imperial Navy before and during World War II. The ships were laid down between 1931 and 1933, and completed between 1933 and 1935.

In compliance with the 1930 London Naval Treaty, the "Hatsuharus" were smaller than the previous in 1934 forced the Navy to re-evaluate the heavy armament of the "Hatsuharu" and other classes.

All "Hatsuharu"-class ships were lost during the Pacific War. Four were sunk by aircraft attack, and "Nenohi" was sunk by the American submarine USS|Triton|SS-201. "Hatsushimo", the last Japanese destroyer sunk during the war, collided with a mine while attempting to evade an air attack in July 1945.

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