Blackman (surname)

Blackman (surname)


An "Old English" name meaning "dark-haired" or "dark-complexioned". Originally "Blæcmann". Name given to Danish Vikings who settled southern Scotland. Also listed in the genealogy of the kings of "Bernicia". Early in use as a firstname. "Variations: Blackmann, Blachman, Blackmun, Blackmon, Blakeman".

Ironically, this surname could also have the exact opposite meaning from the above depending on how the old Anglo-Saxon "blaec and blac" were translated. "Blaec" meant "dark/swarthy" and "blac" meant "fair/pale" Both spellings, and their meanings, became confused and interchangeable over the course of time.

Famous Blackman people

* Bob Blackman
* Calvin Blackman Bridges
* Charles Blackman
* Cindy Blackman
* Garfield Blackman
* Geoffrey Emett Blackman (Geoffrey E. Blackman, Geoffrey Blackman) (1903-1980), UK scholar
* Honor Blackman
* Joan Blackman
* John Blackman
* Elizabeth "Liz" Marion Blackman
* Malorie Blackman
* Nicole Blackman
* Ralph Beebe Blackman mathematician and engineer
* Robert Blackman
* Roberta Blackman-Woods
* Robyn Blackman
* Rolando Blackman
* Stacy Blackman
* Steve Blackman

Place names

* Blackman Charter Township, Michigan
* Blackmans Bay, Tasmania

Other uses

* Life as a BlackMan, board game

External links

* [ Blackman] at Wikia's genealogy wiki.

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