Stephen Rumbold Lushington

Stephen Rumbold Lushington

Stephen Rumbold Lushington (Godmersham, Kent [ [] , wrong spelling corrected.] 1776-1868) was an English politician and administrator in India. He was Governor of Madras from 1827 to 1835.

He was educated at Rugby School, and was in India from 1792. Initially he was a translator.

In England from 1807, he became MP for Rye, and then for Canterbury from 1812. He was Secretary to the Treasury from 1823 to 1827.

His 1840 book "The Life and Services of General Lord Harris, G. C. B." was a biography of George Harris, 1st Baron Harris, his father-in-law by his second marriage. He owned Norton Court in Norton, Kent [ [] , [;jsessionid=7366C99DCB4ED9FE228933E7001643E7?p_id=6299] ] , where he knew Jane Austen [ [] , also [] ; mentioned "Jane Austen's Letters" (1997), p. 552.] , and founded nearby schools [ [ 1908 Directory NORTON ] ] .


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