San Pedro de Macorís

San Pedro de Macorís

San Pedro de Macorís is a municipality ("municipio") and the capital of the San Pedro de Macorís province in the Dominican Republic. [cite web |url=|title=Listado de Codigos de Provincias, Municipio y Distritos Municipales, Actualizada a Junio 20 del 2006|author=Oficina Nacional de Estadistica, Departamento de Cartografia, Division de Limites y Linderos|language=Spanish|accessdate=2007-01-24]


As of the 2002 census the municipality had 217,141 inhabitants, 193,713 living in the city itself and 23,428 in its rural districts ("Secciones"). [cite web |url=
format = PDF|title=VIII Censo 2002 Poplación y Vivienda|author=Oficina Nacional de Estadística|language=Spanish|accessdate=2007-01-24
] For comparison with other municipalities and municipal districts, see the list of municipalities and municipal districts of the Dominican Republic.


San Pedro de Macorís is home of the Universidad Central del Este.


San Pedro de Macoris was founded in the late 19th century by Cubans who were fleeing their country's War of Independence. They brought their extensive sugar cane farming knowledge and contributed to making the sugar industry the most important economic activity in this area. San Pedro de Macorís reached its peak during the first quarter of this century, when its sugar production enjoyed high prices on the international market as a result of the First World War. Many Europeans settled here, making it a very cosmopolitan urban center. Pan American flew its seaplanes in regularly (Eastern Macorís has the privilege of being the first Dominican city to receive seaplanes, in its Higuamo River), at a time when this port enjoyed more commercial activity than the capital city of Santo Domingo.

San Pedro de Macorís pioneered many areas such as the first firefighting corps, the first national baseball championship, the first town to have telephone and telegraph centers, the first racetrack and the first boxing coliseum, among others. The first sugar factory was founded by Juan Amechazurra, milling for the first time on January 9, 1879.

By 1894 there were many factories in the province that reached a high level of progress. The rapid industrial development placed the young city among the main ones of the Republic.

The intellectual culture surged at the same pace with schools and the press; among the first newspapers were "Las Novedades", "Boletín", "La Locomotora" and "El Cable".


Some of the distinguished poets from San Pedro de Macorís include René del Risco, Pedro Mir, who held the title of National Poet; Esterbina Matos, Ludín Lugo, Juan Brayan and Mateo Robinson, among others.

In regards to drinks, Macorís produces the "Guababerry", a drink based on the araijan fruit, which is consumed during Christmas and has a sweet taste, not unlike a wine.


The name San Pedro came before that of Macorís. There are three versions regarding the origin of the name: the first attributes it to the fact that there is a San Pedro Beach in the city port; the second sees it as a tribute to General Pedro Santana, who was President at the time; and the third simply said it was in order to distinguish it from San Francisco de Macorís, a city in the north.

San Pedro de Macorís has been poetically referred to as "Macorís of the Sea", "The Sultan of the East" and many call it the "Capital of the East". [cite web |url=|title= San Pedro de Macoris |accessdate=2007-10-13 |author= |date= 2006-01-12]


The city is home to the Estrellas Orientales in the Dominican Winter Baseball League, who play at the Estadio Tetelo Vargas.

San Pedro de Macoris is well-known as the birthplace of a disproportionate number of professional baseball players. [cite web |url= |title= San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic |accessdate=2007-10-13 |author=Marta Lugo |date= 2005] [The Dominican capital of Santo Domingo currently has 106 MLB players compared to San Pedro's 73, but Santo Domingo's population is more than ten times that of San Pedro.] According to Baseball-Reference, 73 players in Major League Baseball history were born in San Pedro de Macoris. [] The city is often referred to as "The Cradle of Shortstops."

Players from the city with at least 400 games played or 250 innings pitched in the Major Leagues include:
*Manny Alexander
*Joaquín Andújar
*George Bell
*Daniel Cabrera
*Robinson Canó
*Héctor Carrasco
*Rico Carty
*Luis Castillo
*Jesús Colomé
*Mariano Duncan
*Tony Fernández
*Pepe Frias
*Pedro Gonzalez
*Pedro Guerrero
*José Jiménez
*Manny Jiménez
*Manuel Lee
*Josias Manzanillo
*Guillermo Mota
*José Offerman
*Rafael Ramírez
*Ben Rivera
*Juan Samuel
*Julio Santana
*Alfonso Soriano
*Sammy Sosa
*Fernando Tatis
*Salomón Torres
*José Valverde

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