Icebreaker Joseph Stalin

Icebreaker Joseph Stalin

The Icebreaker Joseph Stalin was the first Soviet icebreaker built in a native shipyard.

Owing to many delays, it took over two years to finish. It was built at the Ordzhonikidze Yard in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) between 1937 and 1938.

The "Joseph Stalin" was the biggest icebreaker of the Soviet fleet at that time. In 1938 it reached the Arctic in its first expedition.

Icebreaker "Joseph Stalin", freed Icebreaker "Sedov" on January 18th 1940 between Greenland and Svalbard after it had been drifting as a scientific Soviet Polar Station for a long time.

In the summer 1940, the "Joseph Stalin" led the "Komet", a Kriegsmarine vessel camouflaged as Soviet cargo ship called "Dezhnev", across the ice of the Northern Sea Route.

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