List of characters named Ywain in Arthurian Legend

List of characters named Ywain in Arthurian Legend

The following is a list of characters are named Yvain (or a variation of Yvain), mentioned in Arthurian legend. The work(s)in which they appear are italicized. [Brugger, Ernst. "Yvain and His Lion". Modern Philology. 1941]

*Yvain li filz au roi Uriien; Ywain, Knight of the Round Table (based on the character of Owain mab Urien); Geoffrey of Monmouth's "Historia Regum Britanniæ", protagonist in Chrétien de Troyes' "Yvain, the Knight of the Lion", prose "Lancelot", "Tristan", and Vulgate "Suite Merlin"
*Yvain le Avoutres, Ywain the Bastard, Knight of the Round Table; Gawain's cousin "Erec", "Perceval", "Suite Merlin", Lancelot, the Spanish "Demanda", "Tristan"
*Yvain li filz al roi Herveu; may be the same knight as Hernel di Rivel in Prose "Lancelot", Vulgate "Suite Merlin", "Suite Merlin"
*Yvain as Blanches Mains; "Suite Merlin", "Tristan", "Lancelot", Malroy's "Palamedes", Wauchier's "Perceval", "Demanda"
*Yvain li Esclains; "Lancelot", "Suite Merlin"
*Yvain de Cinel; Prose "Lancelot", "Suite Merlin", Vulgate "Suite Merlin", "Demanda"
*Yvain de Cavaliot; "Erec"
*Yvain le rois de Lindezie; "Le Biaus Desconëuz"
*Yvain li Biaus; "Rigomer"
*Yvain li fiz a la Somiere; "Rigomer"
*Yvain la Noirs; "Tristan", "Palamedes"
*Di Blonde Ywein; "Torec"
*Iwan Penelöi; "Lanzelet"
*Ivam de Canelones d'Alamanha; Portuguese "Demanda",
*Yvan de Nesguses de Baybola; Spanish "Demanda"
*Ivains; the leader of the lepers in Béroul's "Tristan"


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