Anuta is a small high island in the southeastern part of the Solomon Islands province of Temotu.


The island lies about convert|500|km|mi|0|lk=on to the east-southeast of Nendo, at coord|11|36|39|S|169|51|1|E|region:SB-TE_type:isle|display=inline,title.

It is a small volcanic island with a fringing coral reef. The highest point on the island is convert|65|m|ft|0|lk=on above sea level. The island is quite small; it has a diameter of only about convert|750|m|ft|0.

People and culture

The island's population is about 300. Historically, some of its inhabitants have used the small island of Fatutaka, about convert|60|km|mi|0 to the southeast, as a gardening location.

Like (relatively) nearby Tikopia, and unlike the majority of the population of the Solomon Islands who are Melanesians, the islanders of Anuta are Polynesians, and their language is a member of the Samoic branch of the Polynesian languages. A 200-word word-list is available at the Austronesian Basic Vocabulary Database. [cite web |last= Biggs, Bruce|coauthors= Clark, Ross|url=|title= Anuta|accessdate=2008-08-08 |work= Austronesian Basic Vocabulary Database|publisher= Simon Greenhill, Robert Blust & Russell Gray|date= ]

The islanders were joined by adventurer Bruce Parry in the TV series Tribe, who made a voyage from the UK over Singapore, Brisbane, Honiara, and Lata (Santa Cruz) after which he boarded a yacht to Anuta.

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