Masada (disambiguation)

Masada (disambiguation)

Masada may refer to:


  • Masada, a Judean fortress, the site of a famous siege and mass suicide.
  • Masada (kibbutz), a kibbutz in Israel near the Sea of Galilee.
  • Mas'ade, a Druze village on the Golan Heights.


  • Masada College, a Jewish primary and secondary school in St Ives, New South Wales, Australia.
  • Masada (band), a jazz quartet fronted by avant-garde composer John Zorn, and a series of Zorn's musical projects based on compositions originally written for this quartet, including:
  • Masada (miniseries) (1981)
  • Massada Publishing Co, Israel, est. 1929
  • "Masada" is an alias used by Hip Hop artist Killah Priest, and an album by that name, View from Masada.
  • Masada was a Starfleet officer mentioned in the Star Trek episode, "The Doomsday Machine"
  • Masada is a superheroine in Youngblood.
  • Masada (wrestler), a professional wrestler
  • Bushmaster ACR, a rifle designed by Magpul, formerly called Magpul Masada.
  • Masada, a piece of music by Ralph Hultgren
  • Massada (band), a Dutch-Moluccan percussion-rock band.
  • Masada2000, a Kahanist website.
  • Masada, a fictional planet and state in the Honorverse series by David Weber

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