Nicopolis (titular see, Epirus)

Nicopolis (titular see, Epirus)

Nicopolis is a Catholic titular see. Quite extensive ruins of Nicopolis are found three miles to the north of Prevesa and are called Palaio-Prevesa.


It was a metropolis in ancient Epirus. Augustus founded the city (31 BC) on a promontory in the Gulf of Ambracia, in commemoration of his victory over Mark Anthony and Cleopatra at the Battle of Actium. At Nicopolis the emperor instituted the famous quinquennial Actian games in honor of Apollo.

The city was peopled chiefly by settlers from the neighboring municipia, of which it was the head.[1] According to Pliny the Elder[2] it was a free city. St. Paul intended going there.[3] Origen sojourned there for a while.[4]

Laid waste by the Goths at the beginning of the fifth century,[5] restored by Justinian,[6] in the sixth century it was still the capital of Epirus.[7]

The province of ancient Epirus of which Nicopolis was the metropolis, constituted a portion of the western patriarchate, directly subject to the jurisdiction of the pope; but, about 732, Leo the Isaurian incorporated it into the Patriarcate of Constantinople. Of the eleven metropolitans mentioned by Le Quien[8] the most celebrated was Alcison who, early in the sixth century, opposed the Monophysite policy of Emperor Anastasius. The last known of these bishops was Anastasius, who attended the Ecumenical Council of 787, and soon afterwards, owing to the decadence into which Nicopolis fell, the metropolitan see was transferred to Naupactus which subsequently figured in the Notitiae episcopatuum.


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