Hemp (disambiguation)

Hemp (disambiguation)

Hemp may refer to:

* Hemp, "Cannabis" as a source of industrial, food and other non-drug products, including cultivation information.
* Cannabis, "Cannabis" as a genus of plant
* Cannabis (drug), about the use of "C. sativa" and "C. indica" as drugs, including Marijuana, Hashish, and others.
* Cannabis (drug) cultivation, about cultivation of the "Cannabis" plants to produce drugs.
* HEMP Party, "Help End Marijuana Prohibition," an Australian political party
* Kenaf ("Hibiscus cannabinus"), also known as "Ambari hemp" and "Deccan hemp"
* Roselle Fiber ("Hibiscus sabdariffa"), known as "Roselle hemp".
* Jute ("Corchorus" genus), known as "Bengal hemp", "Calcutta hemp", and "Madras Hemp"
* Manila hemp ("Musa textilis")
* Sisal ("Agave sisalana"), known also as "sisal hemp"
* HEMP, the High-altitude Electromagnetic Pulse
* HEMP Energy Drink, New Zealand Energy drink available in New Zealand and Australia.

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