List of monarchs of Majorca

List of monarchs of Majorca

The Kings of Majorca ruled the Kingdom of Majorca from 1276 to 1344, after which the kingdom was united to the Crown of Aragon but still disputed by pretenders until 1403.

Monarchs of Majorca

James I
aged 68
James II
aged 68
1311–1324 ||
aged 48
James III
aged 34
Alfonso III of Aragon conquered the island of Majorca in 1285 and Ibiza in 1286 from James II of Majorca, and effectively recovered Minorca from Moorish rule. By the Treaty of Anagni of 1295, however, these island territories were yielded to James. The continental territories, however, remained under Alfonso's control.

Pretenders to the throne

Peter IV of Aragon annexed the kingdom in 1344 and the title was part of the Crown of Aragon, though disputed by pretenders.Isabel's descendants did not continue the pretension.

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