1711 in music

1711 in music

The year 1711 in music involved some significant events.


*Invention of the tuning fork by John Shore.
*The King's Theatre premieres the first of at least 25 operas by George Frideric Handel that will appear by the year 1739.

Classical music

*Francesco Manfredini - "Concerto for 2 Trumpets in D Major"
*Marin Marais - "Pièces de Viole"
*Antonio Vivaldi - " L'Estro armonico" (Op. 3), published in Amsterdam


*Reinhard Keiser - "Croesus"
*Johann Friedrich Fasch - "Clomire"
*George Frideric Handel - "Rinaldo"
*Nicola Porpora - "Flavio Anicio Olibrio"


*January 12 - Gaetano Latilla, opera composer (died 1788)
*January 29 - Giuseppe Bonno, composer (died 1788)
*June 23 - Giovanni Battista Guadagnini, luthier (died 1786)
*September - William Boyce, composer (died 1779)
*September 18 - Ignaz Holzbauer, composer (died 1783)
*December 25 - Jean-Joseph de Mondonville, violinist and composer (died 1772)
*"date unknown"
**James Oswald, composer and music publisher (died 1769)
**David Perez, opera composer (died 1778)
*"probable" - Panna Cinka, violinist (died 1772)


*March 19 - Thomas Ken, hymn-writer (born 1637)
*September 3 - Élisabeth Sophie Chéron, artist and musician (born 1648)
*September 27 - Christian Geist, organist and composer (born c. 1650)
*November 3 - Ferdinand Tobias Richter, organist and composer (born 1651)
*December 25 - Johann Nikolaus Hanff, organist and composer (born 1663)
*"date unknown"
**Louis de Deyster, artist and maker of musical instruments (born 1656)
**Buhurizade Itri, composer and performer of Turkish classical music (born c.1640)

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