Campaign for Socialism

Campaign for Socialism

The Campaign for Socialism (CfS) is a left wing organisation within the Scottish Labour Party. It was formed in the aftermath of the vote within the Labour Party to remove Clause IV from the party's constitution. Those in the CfS opposed the removal of this clause which committed the Labour Party to supporting the "common ownership of the means of production", and despite their failure to stop it, those who had been involved in campaigning to do so in Scotland felt it was worthwhile to organise as a coherent organisation, hence CfS was born.

The CfS included figures such as Alex Falconer and Alex Smith, who were both Labour MEPs, and they approached Vince Mills who published a left-leaning paper, entitled "The Citizen" with a view to making it the official publication of the CfS, to which he agreed.

The CfS are still active within the Labour Party and continue to publish "The Citizen". Elaine Smith, a Labour Member of the Scottish Parliament is a high-profile member of the organisation.

The CfS are running John McDonnell's campaign for Labour leadership in Scotland.

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