Turn the Page (Californication)

Turn the Page (Californication)

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Title = Turn the Page
Series = Californication

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Season = 1
Episode = 11
Airdate = Start date|2007|10|22
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Writer = Gina Fattore & Eric Weinberg
Director = David Von Ancken
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"Turn the Page" is the eleventh episode of the Showtime original series "Californication". It was written by Gina Fattore and Eric Weinberg, directed by David Von Ancken and originally aired on Monday October 22, 2007.


As Karen is fitted for her wedding dress, Becca drops the news that she wants to live with Hank. Dani informs Charlie that she wants Mia’s book fast-tracked or else. Hank discovers through Charlie that it’s his work Mia’s been peddling. Furious, he tries to stop her, but she threatens to reveal their one night stand. Charlie finds out from Hank about Mia. Becca moves in with Hank and Karen stops by later that night, feeling that maybe this is where she belongs.

Cultural references

* Hank refers to Dani as Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS, a reference to the cult Nazi exploitation movie.

* Dani comments the "tv people sold slut wars into syndication", a reference to the film The TV Set which also stars David Duchovny.

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