Reset (Torchwood)

Reset (Torchwood)

number = 19
serial_name = Reset
caption = Owen examines the Mayfly that he extracted from the Pharm's hired killer.

show = TW
type = crossover episode
cast =
* John BarrowmanCaptain Jack Harkness
* Eve MylesGwen Cooper
* Burn GormanOwen Harper
* Naoko MoriToshiko Sato
* Gareth David-LloydIanto Jones
* Freema AgyemanMartha Jones
guests =
* Alan Dale – Aaron Copley
* Jacqueline Boatswain – Plummer
* Jan Anderson – Marie Thomas
* Rhodri Miles – Billy Davis
* Michael Sewell – Mike
* John Samuel Worsey – Policeman
* Paul Kasey (uncredited) – Weevil
writer = J.C. Wilsher
director = Ashley Way
production_code = 2.6
producer = Richard Stokes Chris Chibnall (co-producer)
executive_producer = Russell T Davies Julie Gardner
script_editor = Brian Minchin
series = Series 2
length = 50 mins
date = 13 February 2008
preceding = "Adam"
following = "Dead Man Walking"
imdb_id = 1160002
"Reset" is the sixth episode of the second series of British science fiction television series "Torchwood", which was first broadcast by BBC Three on 13 February 2008, immediately after the broadcast of "Adam" on BBC Two. [ [ Radio Times Online listing for 13 February 2008] ] This episode introduces "Doctor Who" companion Martha Jones into the cast.



A series of seemingly professional murders in Cardiff prompts Jack to recruit UNIT medical specialist Martha Jones. Torchwood Three are curious about Dr. Jones' relationship with Jack, as they still aren't privy to much of his past. Upon Martha's arrival; Jack appears to be more jovial and sly, dropping hints about her time-travelling past.

Alone, Jack mentions that Martha should have contacted him if she was looking for employment; to which Martha replies that UNIThad "rung her". They informed Martha that she was what they needed and was recommended by an 'impeccable source'. Jack and Martha conclude that the source was the Doctor, as no one else knew about Martha's TARDIS adventures; nor her knowledge about alien life. Jack thoughtfully decides that the Doctor must have thought he owed her a favour, which Martha ponders. The Torchwood team investigate more murders, discovering that one victim had been cured of diabetes and another of HIV. With this information, the killings are traced to a medical centre named The Pharm. One woman, the only survivor of the strange attacks remains in hospital as Martha and Owen examine her; only experience a seizure before dying, fly like creatures erupting from her mouth. Cowering in the corner; Martha and Owen notice the creatures have died.

After searching for ways of infiltrating the Pharm, the team discover the facility recruits human trial subjects. Jack refuses to send one of his own in, but Martha suggests she enter as she is a medic and has the appropriate knowledge. After protests from Jack and Owen, Martha is allowed to go undercover; reasoning that she had been in worse situations. Owen begs Jack not to let Martha go, but Jack replies that he'd rely on Martha if the world was ending; and in fact he did. After being equipped with the appropriate gear Martha infiltrates The Pharm undercover as Samantha Jones, a hepatitis sufferer.

At the Hub, Tosh mentions Martha and Owen's quickly developing friendship; suggesting they make a perfect match with both of them being doctors. She points out Martha's beauty and smirks when Owen feigns ignorance. Owen remarks that Martha is only interested in work; and that Jack would have 'his kneecaps' otherwise. This seems to cheer Tosh up, and Owen asks her about the pool tournament she was organising; to which Tosh dejectedly replies that it was an a date offer. Owen looks surprised and asks Tosh if she was still interested, to which Tosh says yes. After explaining that something could happen; Owen casually agrees to one date. The conversation disintegrates and they revert to monitoring Martha again.

Martha discovers the facility is responsible for the drug "Reset"; which cures incurable diseases. The drug works by releasing alien parasites, called Mayflies, into the human bloodstream. The Mayfly larvae then proceed to "reset" the human body; eliminating incurable diseases. The downside is that the Mayfly larvae hatch and eat the person from the inside. After being caught snooping, Professor Copely states that Martha has mutated blood cells, only possibly contracted from travelling through time and space. While questioning Martha about her time travelling history; Martha is injected with "Reset", in order for the Professor to see how her unique immune system reacts.

Gwen and Ianto arrest a Pharm-hired assassin and take him back to the Hub. During interrogation, Jack and Owen find that he too has a mayfly in his body. Owen attempts to use an alien artifact, the singularity scalpel, to vapourise the mayfly. He fails to operate the scalpel and the fly bursts out of the assassin's stomach. Using the assasin's body and her genius, Tosh develops a program which would drive them into the Pharm, undetected.

Inside the Pharm, the team split up: Tosh, Gwen and Ianto are sent to find the 'research labs', while Owen and Jack find Martha. Discovering the labs; Gwen, Tosh and Ianto find aliens held captive and tortured. When Jack and Owen reach Martha, the mayflies are battling each other inside her. As Jack announces the shutdown of The Pharm, Owen tends to Martha; using the singularity scalpel to extract the mayfly from her body safely. They exit the Pharm before it reaches complete shut down and reunite with the others. Owen, supporting Martha as they walk; continues to flirt with her, at which point Martha reveals she is already in a relationship with a man who had saved her life like Owen had.

As they prepare to leave, Professor Copley holds them at gunpoint, declaring that Torchwood would not ruin his work. Owen attempts to reason with the Professor; claiming they were rational men. Professor Copley shoots Owen in the chest, which causes Jack to shoot the Professor in the head. Martha, Jack and Toshiko join Owen lying on the ground. While Martha produces medical supplies, Jack holds Owen's hand while Toshiko watches on in disbelief as she kneels beside Owen. Martha and Jack try to gain Owen's focus, Martha injecting a solution near his heart. Toshiko, distraught watches over as a still look comes over Owen's face; Martha stating tearfully that he is dead.


*The same Western Mail newspaper showing Margaret Blaine as the new mayor of Cardiff, as seen in "Boom Town", is attached to the door as Martha Jones enters the Torchwood reception.
*A variation of Martha's Theme, composed by Murray Gold for "Doctor Who", appears as the character's motif.
*Several references are made to Martha's previous adventures with Jack in "Doctor Who", including working under the same Doctor and Jack's recent bad experience with a politician (Harold Saxon). Jack comments that he relied on Martha to save the world. Martha subtly comments to Ianto when he tells her to remain unseen that she knew how to be invisible, a reference to "The Sound of Drums" and "Last of the Time Lords", where the Doctor created three TARDIS keys equipped with perception filters, making themselves unnoticed or 'invisible'. The same perception filter is what makes Torchwood's invisible lift work.
*Martha has earned her medical degree, and is a member of UNIT. It is hinted that Martha became a member of UNIT under the recommendation of the Doctor. After the airing of "Last of the Time Lords", the accompanying Martha Jones' MySpace blog included the line "PS: And I've just had an email offering me a job if I pass my exams! You wouldn't believe who it's from."
*Martha states her family are still recovering after the events in "Last of the Time Lords".
*While undercover at the Pharm, Martha uses the name "Samantha Jones". A different Samantha Jones was the Eighth Doctor's first companion in the Eighth Doctor Adventures.
*The boyfriend who has saved Martha's life was revealed in "The Sontaran Stratagem" to be Thomas Milligan from "Last of the Time Lords".

Cultural references

Jack refers to meeting Christopher Isherwood, and attributes the quotations "I am a camera" (in its full form, "I am a camera with its shutter open, quite passive, recording, not thinking.", from "Berlin Diary", 1930) and "It's not the getting in, it's the getting out" to him.


The song "Feel Good Inc." by Gorillaz plays as Martha and Owen study the Mayfly. Also, the song "Freakin' Out" by Graham Coxon plays in the information centre as Ianto lets Martha into the hub.


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