Freedom may refer to:
* Freedom (philosophy)
* Freedom (political), the absence of interference with the sovereignty of an individual by the use of coercion or aggression
* Liberty, the condition in which an individual has the ability to act according to his or her own will
* Economic freedom
* Free content, freedom of an artist's work to be redistributed, modified, and studied by others.
* Freedom of the City, an award made by municipalities, comparable to the (Golden) Key to the City, the signing of the golden book and similar ceremonies elsewhere

Freedom as a proper name may also refer to:


* Freedom Williams, an American hip-hop and dance music performer


Places in the United States:
*Freedom, California
*Freedom, Idaho and Wyoming
*Freedom, Indiana
*Freedom, Maine
*Freedom, Michigan
*Freedom, New Hampshire
*Freedom, New York
*Freedom, Oklahoma
*Freedom, Pennsylvania
*Freedom, Wisconsin


* "Freedom Magazine", a Scientology publication
* "Freedom" (newspaper), a British anarchist newspaper
* Freedom Press (UK), a British anarchist publishing company
* Freedom Press (U.S.), a publishing company
* Freedom Communications, a privately-held national media company headquartered in Irvine, California


* Freedom Ship, a concept for a floating city
* Space Station Freedom, the name of a NASA project which later became the International Space Station
* Freedom Tower (World Trade Center Tower 1), the centerpiece building of the new World Trade Center complex currently under construction in the Lower Manhattan section of New York City
* USS "Freedom", either of three US Navy ships


* "Freedom" (TV series), a short lived television series in 2000


* "Freedom" (OVA), a series of six OVA with character and mecha designs by Katsuhiro Otomo, part of the promotional project for Nissin Cup Noodles 35th anniversary known as Freedom Project
* ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam and ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam, fictional weapons in the "Gundam SEED" and "Destiny" anime television series


*Chris Pape (aka "Freedom"), graffiti artist


* Freedom Records, jazz label


* "Freedom" (Andy Griggs album) (2002)
* "Freedom" (Santana album) (1987)
* "Freedom" (Yothu Yindi album) (1993)
* "Freedom" (Neil Young album) (1989)
* "Freedom" (Michael W. Smith album) (2000)
* "Freedom" (Akon album) (2008)


* "Freedom" (Mary J. Blige song)
* "Freedom" (Erasure song)
* "Freedom" (Isley Brothers song)
* "Freedom! '90" by George Michael, and covered by Robbie Williams
* "Freedom" (Rage Against the Machine song)
* "Freedom" (Jimi Hendrix song)
* "Freedom" (Wham! song)
* "Freedom" (Theme from Panther), sung by a chorus of 60+ African-American female R&B/hip-hop artists for the 1995 film
* "Freedom" by Jurassic 5
* "Freedom" (Paul McCartney song)
* "Freedom" (The Sons of Champlin song)
* "Freedom" by Shiva
* "Freedom" (Solange song)


* Florence Freedom, an independent minor league baseball team that plays in the Frontier League
* Washington Freedom, a women's professional soccer (football) team
* Valley Forge Freedom, an 'A'-level professional Ice Hockey Team in the MAHL

Other uses

* Freedom fries, a short-lived alternate term for french fries in the U.S.
* Freedom Yachts, a company based in Rhode Island, USA
* Freedom!, an educational computer game on the history of slavery.

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