Cheyenne (board game)

Cheyenne (board game)
Publisher(s) Milton Bradley Company
Players 2-4
Age range 7-14
Setup time 2 minutes
Playing time 30 minutes/random
Random chance High (luck)
Skill(s) required Reading/Counting/Physical Dexterity

Cheyenne Game (1958) is a Milton Bradley children's board game for two to four players based on the 1957 Golden Globe Award winning ABC Warner Bros. western television series Cheyenne (1955-1962) starring Clint Walker. The game is a typical track/racing board game. A second edition of the game was released during Clint Walker's dispute with Warner Bros. that featured Bronco star Ty Hardin on the box cover. Cheyenne was one of many board games published during the 1950s based on television programs.

In addition to the typical center-seamed, illustrated game board, a spinner, and four tokens of various colors, the game includes four plastic "revolvers", four plastic "bullets", and six small cardboard obstacles such as a rattlesnake and bandit.

Each player moves in turn along the track in accordance with his spin on the dial. He must stop and "shoot" an obstacle when he reaches a space with a gun on it, even if his spin would have carried him beyond the gun space. The player sets the obstacle up on its corresponding illustration (Rattlesnake on the snake picture, for example) and removes all other counters from the game board. The player places one of the plastic disks ("bullets") on the orange circle in the lower left hand corner of the game board, then uses his plastic revolver tiddledy wink fashion to "shoot" the disk at the obstacle. He must move or knock over the obstacle with the disk in order to advance on the track. Each player must shoot all six obstacles before entering the Pony Express Station at the end of the track. The game is won when one player defeats all six obstacles on the game board and enters the Express Station by an exact spin.

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