Shaldag class fast patrol boat

Shaldag class fast patrol boat

The "Shaldag" class Fast Patrol Boat ( _he. שלדג) is a small but fast class of patrol boats developed for the Israeli Sea Corps (ISC) and launched in 1989, it has since seen service several other navies. Designed for security tasks where high intercept speeds are required, such as interdiction of terrorism and illegal smuggling. Its unique features are as follows;
*High speed in rough seas, with good seakeeping and outstanding maneuverability
*Exceptionally low slamming in all sea states
*Dry decks at all speeds
*Very spacious and accessible internal arrangement

Design and Construction

Hull, deck and deckhouse are of welded marine aluminium alloy, with transverse frames and longitudinals. Integral double bottom tanks contain fuel with an additional gravity fuel tank at the center. The hull is divided into 6 watertight compartments which do meet strict international flooded damage stability criteria


Typhoon G - mounting a Oerlikon 20 mm cannon and electro-optics systems on foredeck and aftdeck rings for 20 mm. single gun mountSpigots for 0.5" machine guns on both sides of the main deck.The boat is able to accommodate most advanced new weapon systems, such as the rapid-fire stabilized gun mount, remotely controlled by a night vision system.

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