Carisbrooke (Isle of Wight) railway station

Carisbrooke (Isle of Wight) railway station

Infobox UK disused station
name = Carisbrooke (IOW)

caption = Carisbrooke Trading Estate at Gunville, built on the route of the old Newport to Freshwater railway line
gridref = SZ486885
manager = "Freshwater, Yarmouth & Newport Railway(1888-1913)
Isle of Wight Central Railway (1913 to 1923)
owner = Southern Railway (1923 to 1948)
Southern Region of British Railways (1948 to 1953)
locale = Carisbrooke
borough = Isle of Wight
platforms = 1888-1927:"two"; 1927-53:"one"
years = 10 September 1888
events = Opened
years1 = 21 September 1953
events1 = Closed

Carisbrooke Station [After 1927, Carisbrooke Halt] was an intermediate [ [ Enthusiasts web-site] ] station on the Freshwater, Yarmouth and Newport Railway ,situated near the village of Carisbrooke Pomeroy, C,A "Isle Of Wight Railways, Then and Now": Oxford,Past & Present Publishing, 1993, ISBN 0947971629] just outside Newport. It was a busy station for the nearby castle until the advent of the bus routesMaycock,R.J/Silsbury,R: The Freshwater, Yarmouth and Newport Railway: Usk, Oakwood, 2003 ISBN 0853616019] , but little used thereafterBennett,A "Southern Holiday Lines in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight": Cheltenham, Runpast 1994 ISBN 187075431X] . Closed in 1953Hay,P "Steaming Through the Isle Of Wight": Midhurst,Middleton, 1988 ISBN 0906520568] its goods yard was by then derelict and overgrownPaye P "Isle of Wight Railways remembered": Oxford, OPC, 1984 ISBN 0860932191] (its only recent use having been by prisoners during World War TwoBritton,A "Once upon a line (Vol 4)": Oxford, OPC, 1994 ISBN 0860935132] ). The station has long been demolished and the site barely discernible within a school playing field Gammell C.J "Southern Branch Lines": Oxford, OPC, 1997 ISBN 086093537X] .


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