Block (internet)

Block (internet)

On the internet, a block is a technical measure intended to restrict access to information or resources. Blocks should not be confused with bans, although they are often used to enforce a ban.

Effects of blocks

A blocked user may have certain privileges revoked, such as the ability to publish content or communicate with other users, or they may be completely unable to access the service in question. Blocks can apply to individual user accounts or ranges of IP addresses. In most cases, individual services and websites set their own blocking policies, and a block issued by one will not apply on any others.

Most online communication tools, including chat software and social networking sites, allow users to block other users from contacting them. Such a block normally has no effect on the subject's access to any other part of the service.

Blocks on Wikis

Different Wikis have different policies over blocking users. For Wikipedia's policies see:-

Blocks on Wikis generally

Wikis block editors who edit unacceptably. There may sometimes be genuine uncertainty as to what is a misguided attempt to improve a wiki and what is deliberate , though usually vandalism is clear. Different wikis have different criteria to decide what is acceptable. For example, an editor who edited Wikipedia the way Uncyclopedia is edited and refused to stop after warnings would certainly face steadily increasing blocks. Wikipedia has a policy of warning editors where possible. Editors of Wikipedia are rarely blocked unless they persistently refuse to heed warnings. Some other Wikis allow blocks for first offences. Wikipedians who start to edit other Wikis may be surprised to find themselves suddenly blocked from editing when they did not know anything was wrong, or knew they were editing controversially but expected a warning before a block.

Those who have the power to block are called sysops. Reactions to Wiki blocks vary. Some people feel being blocked from a wiki is a bit like being banned from a social club. Some blocked users are not concerned, and go off to have fun somewhere else on the Web. Other blocked users can be quite upset. There are frequent complaints about alleged unfairness of blocks. Sysops who want to be fair may find this difficult because the Block Dialogue Box they use shows only the case for the prosecution and not the case for the defense.

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