Vanchinbalyn Injinash

Vanchinbalyn Injinash

Vanchinbalyn Injinash ( _mn. Ванчинбалын Инжинаш) (1837-1892) was a Mongolian author of the nineteenth century.

His verses, stories and novels are distinguished by their markedly civic sentiments and strong social criticism. Хөх судар ("Khökh Sudar"--The Blue Chronicle), a historical novel, is perhaps one of his most well known works, it is about the events of the thirteenth century, and upholds humanistic and profoundly patriotic ideals.

In another of his important works, Нэгэн давхар асар ("Negen Davkhar Asar" --One-Storey Pavilion), a two-part social novel, he describes life in southern Mongolia, and the tragic fate of its young people under the Manchu yoke, and their struggle for human dignity.


* Хөх судар (The Blue Chronicle)
* Улаанаа Уйлах танхим
* Нэгэн Давхар Асар (One Storey Pavilion)


* [ Oral and Written Literature] Consulate of Mongolia in HonkongORAL AND WRITTEN LITERATURE

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